Louisiana's Hummingbird Spectacle: Witness Their Seasonal Sojourn!

Gulf Coast Welcoming Committee

Louisiana greets Ruby-Throated hummingbirds starting in late February as they rest after their Gulf crossing.

Solo Flyers

Each hummingbird migrates alone; expect males to arrive first to claim territories, with females following closely.

Climate's Influence

Changing climate patterns might lead to the hummingbirds resting longer in Louisiana, altering their usual migration schedule.

Regional Visitors

Hummingbirds may arrive at different times across Louisiana, with the Gulf Coast seeing wintering species.

Feeder Preparation Tips

Set out feeders in mid-February to catch the early waves of migrating hummingbirds.

Winter Guests

Keep feeders up beyond October to welcome wintering species, enriching Louisiana's winter biodiversity.

Unexpected Sightings

Report winter sightings of rare hummingbirds like Rufous and Calliope to contribute to scientific studies.

Louisiana's Floral Lure

Plant native flowers like Cardinal Flower and Copper Iris to naturally attract hummingbirds.

Seasonal Rhythms

Say farewell to migratory hummingbirds by early October, but stay prepared for wintering species to join you.

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