Maryland's Hummingbird Season: Awaiting the Tiny Treasures

Hummingbirds' Grand Maryland Entrance

Expect the Ruby-throated hummingbirds to start their vibrant visit to Maryland around mid-April.

Independence in Flight

Hummingbirds migrate solo, with males leading the way followed by females to set the stage for spring breeding.

Maryland's Hummingbird Marvel

Watch for the Ruby-throated hummingbird, Maryland's key summer performer, and rare appearances by western species.

Early Feeder Setup

Place your hummingbird feeders out in early April to welcome the first winged migrants with a sweet treat.

Farewell to Feathered Friends

Hummingbirds typically wave goodbye to Maryland from mid-September, taking flight for their southern retreat.

Prolonged Feeder Hospitality

Keep feeders active until mid-October to nourish any last-minute hummingbird stragglers.

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