Whispers on Wings: Hummingbirds' Return to Michigan in 2024

Michigan's Hummingbird Season

Anticipate the joy of hummingbird season in Michigan, lasting from late April through October.

Arrival of the Aerial Dancers

Expect hummingbirds to start gracing Michigan gardens by mid-April, with arrivals spanning into May.

Weather and Wing Beats

Learn how weather events and insect availability in their winter habitats impact hummingbirds' Michigan arrival.

Early Birds and Late Bloomers

Males make the trek north first to spread out migration resources, with females and juveniles following later.

Diversity in the Skies

While the Ruby-throated hummingbird dominates, Michigan may occasionally host up to six different species.

A Statewide Spectacle

Rejoice in the fact that hummingbirds visit every corner of Michigan from urban gardens to the Upper Peninsula.

Gardens That Glisten

Create a haven for hummingbirds with native, nectar-rich plants like bee balm and trumpet vine.

A Feast of Flowers and Insects

Attract a flurry of hummingbirds by nurturing a garden ecosystem rich in the insects they relish.

Feeder Fundamentals

Hang hummingbird feeders by early April to welcome and nourish the dainty migrators upon their arrival.

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