2024's Hummingbird Migration: When Will Montana Skies Twinkle?

Hummingbirds Take Flight to Montana

Catch the breathtaking sight of hummingbirds arriving in Montana starting in early April.

A Feathered Array in the Big Sky State

Montana hosts a variety of hummingbirds, including the Black-chinned and Rufous species.

Northward Bound

Early April heralds the northward migration through Montana, with birds journeying to their birthplace.

Weather's Influence on Wings

Unpredictable weather can shift the timeline for hummingbird arrivals in Montana each year.

Males Pave the Path

Male hummingbirds lead the way, establishing territories before their female counterparts arrive.

Creating a Hummingbird Haven

Cultivate a Montana garden with native plants that provide nectar and attract necessary insects.

Feeders Ready for Early Arrivals

Set out hummingbird feeders in late March to welcome the first migrants and offer sustenance.

Wave Goodbye in Early Fall

Montana bids farewell to most hummingbirds by mid-October, with a few remaining due to hardships.

Lasting Feeder Hospitality

Consider keeping feeders up through winter to support any hummingbirds unable to migrate.

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