2024's Hummingbird Magic in Nevada: When Will They Grace Our Gardens?

The Masters of Flight

Witness the astonishing flight of hummingbirds, nature's agile acrobats, soon to visit Nevada.

Anticipating Arrival

Hummingbirds begin to grace Nevada with their presence starting in mid-March.

Nevada's Year-Round Jewels

Anna’s and Costa’s hummingbirds can be spotted in Nevada throughout the year.

Migrating on Their Own Time

Individual hummingbirds migrate solo, following the bloom of nectar-rich flowers.

Arrival Varies Across Nevada

Different hummingbird species arrive in various parts of Nevada from March to May.

Preparing for Their Return

Set up hummingbird feeders in early March to catch the first wave of migrants.

Farewell Until Next Year

Keep feeders up through mid-October or until two weeks after the last sighting.

Cultivate a Hummingbird Haven

Plant native Nevada flowers like Thimbleberry and Desert Larkspur to attract hummingbirds.

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