Tiny Travelers' Timetable: Hummingbirds' Return to New Hampshire

Enchanting Travelers Approach

Anticipate the Ruby-throated hummingbirds' arrival around the first week of May in New Hampshire.

The Early Birds

Males lead the migration, arriving in late April to early May, followed by the females to breed and nest.

Biodiversity Hotspot

New Hampshire's diverse landscapes create a prime hummingbird habitat from the Great North Woods to the Seacoast.

Preparing for the Winged Arrival

Create natural habitats with food sources before placing feeders to welcome weary migrators.

Plant a Hummingbird Paradise

Include Anise hyssop, Bee balm, and Trumpet honeysuckle in your New Hampshire garden to attract hummingbirds.

Feeder Timing is Key

Set up hummingbird feeders by mid-April to provide for early arrivals in New Hampshire.

Autumn Farewell

Hummingbirds, with males departing first, typically begin leaving New Hampshire in September.

Extend Your Hospitality

Keep feeders up beyond migration to aid any lingering or lost hummingbirds.

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