New Jersey's Sky Dancers: Await the Hummingbirds' 2024 Arrival!

Winged Gems Approaching

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are set to return to New Jersey between mid-April and early May.

Nesting in the Garden State

New Jersey welcomes breeding Ruby-throated hummingbirds, the state's primary hummingbird species.

A Timely Arrival

Look out for the males to arrive first during spring, as they set up their territories in New Jersey.

Garden Preparations

Enhance your garden with native plants and feeders before the hummingbirds' expected arrival.

A Buffet for Hummingbirds

Plant Canada lilies, Cardinal flowers, and Trumpet creepers to offer natural nectar sources in New Jersey.

Feeder Ready

Set up feeders by early April to greeting early hummingbird migrants in New Jersey.

Departure Season

Expect male hummingbirds to lead the departure beginning in September, leaving New Jersey for warmer climates.

Aiding Late Migrants

Continue to provide for any remaining hummingbirds with feeders through October in New Jersey.

Year-Round Help

For the occasional wintering hummingbird, maintain a source of food throughout the year in New Jersey.

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