New Mexico's Hummingbird Horizons: 2024 Migration Marvels

Winged Return to New Mexico

Prepare for an early March arrival of hummingbirds, marking the beginning of spring in New Mexico.

A Multitude of Migrants

Expect diverse hummingbird species, with Black-chinned and Broad-tailed hummingbirds among the first spring visitors.

Spring’s Early Ambassadors

Male hummingbirds arrive first to claim breeding territories while females follow a bit later.

Hummingbird Haven

Attract these nectar lovers by planting flowers like bee balm and cardinal flower and keeping fresh water sources.

A Seasonal Spectacle

Hummingbirds delight New Mexico from March to September, with various species to observe.

Southward Sojourn

Post-summer, hummingbirds leave New Mexico in waves, heading towards warmer climates by October.

Feeder Farewell

Keep feeders active until late-flying hummingbirds make their exit, ensuring they're energized for the journey.

Year-Round Jewel

Anna’s hummingbird is among New Mexico's full-time feathery residents, delighting birdwatchers all year.

Birdwatcher's Paradise

Explore places like the Rio Grande Valley State Park for a vibrant hummingbird viewing experience.

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