North Carolina's Hummingbird Arrival Almanac 2024

Springtime Symphonies Begin

Welcome the first hummingbirds to North Carolina in early April, starting with the vibrant males.

Territory Triumphs

Male hummingbirds claim their North Carolina territories in early spring, with females close behind.

A Staggered Sojourn

Not all hummingbirds arrive at once; they journey solo, reaching North Carolina at varied times.

Early Feeders, Early Friends

Set out hummingbird feeders by early April to provide early arrivals with a crucial nectar source.

Migratory Marvels

Experience the awe as hummingbirds migrate thousands of miles from Central and South America to N.C.

October Farewells

As autumn chills North Carolina, hummingbirds begin their southward return, starting with mature males.

Feeder Vigil

Keep your hummingbird feeders out in North Carolina until two weeks after your last sighting.

Winter Whispers

Ruby-throated hummingbirds may sometimes overwinter in North Carolina, defying migration norms.

Garden of Delights

Attract hummingbirds with a pesticide-free garden, planting bee balm and Cardinal flower.

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