Whispers on Wings: Hummingbird Migration to North Dakota 2024

Awaiting the Tiny Treasures

Anticipate the arrival of hummingbirds in North Dakota starting mid-April.

Eastern ND: A Hummingbird's Haven

Hummingbirds predominantly visit the eastern regions of North Dakota.

Weathering the Winds of Change

Like all wild creatures, hummingbirds adjust their migration to the whims of the weather.

The Seasonal Sojourners

Hummingbirds continue arriving through June, nesting and flourishing until it's time to depart.

Gender's Guiding Wing

Male hummingbirds typically migrate first, followed by females to reduce competition for resources.

Ruby-Throated Regulars

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are the most common in North Dakota, with males flaunting a brilliant red throat.

Creating a Hummingbird Haven

Attract hummingbirds by planting native, tubular flowers and avoiding chemicals in your garden.

Supplementing the Sweetness

Consider hanging a hummingbird feeder by mid-May to aid in their nourishment during migration.

Farewell Flight

Expect to bid farewell to the hummingbirds from mid-August through October.

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