2024 Hummingbird Arrival: When Will Oregon Skies Dance Again?

Oregon's Sky Dancers Are Returning!

Oregon is a hummingbird haven, with arrivals beginning in late February through March.

Meet the Migratory Marvels

The Rufous and Anna's hummingbirds are among the most common species in Oregon.

Migration's Grand Oregon Entrance

Hummingbirds migrate northward, reaching southern Oregon first before spreading out.

Male Hummingbirds Lead the Way

Male hummingbirds arrive in Oregon first to claim territories, with females following soon after.

Create a Hummingbird Haven

Attract hummingbirds with native plantings and organic practices, avoiding harmful chemicals.

Feeder Forecast: Mid-February

Set out hummingbird feeders by mid-February to catch the earliest migratory arrivals.

Nests in Nature's Nooks

Hummingbirds in Oregon choose diverse nesting sites, from forests to residential areas.

Farewell Flight Begins

The Rufous hummingbirds start leaving Oregon in the summer, with females departing by September.

Year-Round Joy with Anna's Hummingbirds

Anna's hummingbirds may stay in Oregon all year, providing continuous birdwatching opportunities.

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