Pennsylvania's Hummingbird Hitch: A Season of Fluttering Delight

Pennsylvania's Hummingbird Highlights

Welcome spring with the arrival of Ruby-throated hummingbirds in Pennsylvania, typically by the end of April.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Males arrive first, scouting for territories, followed by females who join to mate and nest throughout the summer.

Hummingbird Garden Essentials

Cultivate a hummingbird-friendly garden with native wildflowers like bee balm and lilies, and skip the pesticides.

Feeder Timing for Early Arrivers

Set out your hummingbird feeders in early April to cater to the first wave of these nectar-loving visitors.

Hummingbirds' Departing Cue

Prepare for the hummingbirds' departure as they leave Pennsylvania for warmer climes by late September.

Feeders: A Farewell Buffet

Keep feeders up until late October to provide sustenance for any straggling hummingbirds.

Prime Hummingbird Watchpoints

For avid birders, Moraine and Presque Isle State Parks offer excellent opportunities for hummingbird sightings.

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