Tiny Wings, Epic Journey: Unlock the Mysteries of Hummingbird Migration

The Aerial Dancers Return

Anticipate the arrival of the Ruby-throated hummingbirds to Rhode Island in early April.

Spring Spectacle in Rhode Island

Get ready for hummingbird season—set out feeders in late April or early May.

Summer's Tiny Guests

Enjoy hummingbirds all summer as they breed and indulge in Rhode Island's nectar.

Farewell Flight

Prepare to bid the hummingbirds goodbye by late October as they head south.

Solo Travelers

Marvel at each hummingbird's solo thousand-mile migration to Rhode Island.

The Nectar Connection

Hummingbird migration is synced with the blooming cycles of plants for vital nourishment.

Welcoming Winged Visitors

Create a hummingbird haven with feeders in sunlight and regular nectar refreshment.

Preserving Memories

Clean and store feeders after the hummingbirds leave to await next year's reunion.

Hotspots for Hummingbird Watching

Visit Roger Williams Park or Ninigret Park for the best hummingbird sightings in spring.

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