South Dakota's Hummingbird Spectacle: 2024 Migration Unveiled

Hummingbirds Head to South Dakota

Expect the dazzling Ruby-throated hummingbirds to begin arriving in South Dakota by mid-May.

Solitary Travelers

Hummingbirds migrate individually, with each bird adhering to its distinct schedule.

Preparing for Tiny Guests

Get your garden ready for hummingbirds by setting up feeders and planting nectar-rich flowers in April.

Insects: Hummingbirds' Hidden Diet

To truly welcome hummingbirds, cultivate an insect-friendly garden without harmful chemicals.

Feeders: Refueling Stations

Hummingbird feeders are vital for providing energy to these travelers during migration.

Nature's Pollinators

Attract hummingbirds with South Dakota favorites like trumpet vine and bee balm.

September Signals Farewell

By September, Ruby-throated hummingbirds start their southward migration from South Dakota.

Feeder Etiquette

Keep feeders out until October, especially if you continue to observe buzzing visitors.

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