Mystical Migrants: Unveiling Hummingbird Secrets in Tennessee 2024

Tennessee's Winged Charms

Experience the wonder as hummingbirds grace Tennessee from early March through late October.

The Usual Feathered Friends

Ruby-throated and Rufous hummingbirds dominate the Tennessee skies, with some staying year-round.

Nature's Tiny Travelers

Prepare to welcome a colorful flurry of migrating hummingbirds each spring and fall.

A Blossoming Welcome

Create a haven with native plants and feeders to nourish and attract these tiny visitors.

When to Await Their Arrival

Hummingbirds start arriving in early March, with males venturing in to claim their territory first.

The Great Hummingbird Journey

After breeding, most hummingbirds set off southward from Tennessee as early as July.

A Garden Aflutter

Plant asters, passionflower, and trumpet creeper to naturally invite hummingbirds to your garden.

Feeding the Flight

Keep feeders filled throughout the hummingbird presence in Tennessee, especially during migrations.

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