Virginia's Hummingbird Season: Embracing Nature's Aerial Dancers

Anticipating Hummingbird Arrivals in Virginia

Ruby-throated hummingbirds typically grace Virginia with their presence starting in April, enchanting bird enthusiasts statewide.

Ruby-Throated Dominance in the Garden

The Ruby-throated hummingbird, known for its iridescent throat, is Virginia's main avian summer guest.

Garden Prep for Hummingbirds

To welcome hummingbirds, enrich your garden with native, nectar-rich plants and protect the local insect population.

Feeder Benefits for Migratory Birds

Supplement natural food sources by setting up hummingbird feeders before the migratory influx in early spring.

Departure Patterns in the Old Dominion

As summer wanes, prepare to bid farewell to hummingbirds as they begin their southward journey from August to September.

Feeder Protocol for the Season Close

Keep feeders accessible into early November to ensure late migrators have the energy for their long trek.

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