Feathered Flights: Hummingbird Season Secrets in Wisconsin 2024

Wisconsin's Airborne Gems

Anticipate the Ruby-throated hummingbirds' arrival in Wisconsin at the end of April.

Emerald and Ruby Splendor

The Ruby-throated hummingbird, Wisconsin's primary summer guest, prepares for breeding season.

Lone Flyers on a Journey

Independently migrating, each hummingbird takes its own path to Wisconsin starting in late April.

First to Claim Territory

Male hummingbirds lead the migration, arriving in Wisconsin to establish their breeding grounds.

Nectar and Nature's Bounty

Plant native flowers like royal catchfly and wild bergamot to naturally attract hummingbirds.

A Safe Haven Awaits

Create a safe, organic garden for hummingbirds, free from pesticides and hazards.

Feeder Welcome Sign

Set out hummingbird feeders by mid-April to welcome the early bird arrivals.

So Long, Summer Friends

Most Ruby-throated hummingbirds wave goodbye to Wisconsin from September to mid-October.

Year-Round Feathers

Rarely, some hummingbirds might overwinter; keep feeders up for these special visitors.

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