2024 Hummingbird Migration: Wyoming Awaits Their Return

Anticipating the Aerial Ballet

Wyoming is a migratory stage for hummingbirds, with some species calling it their breeding ground.

The Spring Aerial Migration Begins

Mid-April marks the start of hummingbird migration, with a steady influx throughout May.

Solo Flyers on a Mission

Hummingbirds migrate individually, with males arriving first to establish territories in Wyoming.

Climate Changes, Hummingbird Challenges

Climate shifts are impacting food sources like the Glacier Lily, crucial for hummingbirds upon arrival.

Regional Arrivals Across Wyoming

Species like Black-chinned and Calliope hummingbirds have distinct migration patterns within Wyoming.

Late Arrivals at High Elevations

Broad-tailed hummingbirds arrive in late May, seeking high elevations for breeding.

Wyoming's Departures: A Gradual Goodbye

By late June, northbound hummingbirds exit, while breeding residents stay until late September.

Ready the Feeders Early April

Set up hummingbird feeders in early April to welcome and nourish the first arrivals.

Native Blooms for Hummingbird Buffets

Plant Wyoming native flowers like Mountain Gooseberry and Fireweed to attract and sustain hummingbirds.

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