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What Is Drinking My Hummingbird Nectar During The Night?

by David
(Montgomery AL)

I had three hummingbird feeders hanging on wrought iron posts.

One morning about 11 pm, I caught a raccoon standing on top of my brick wall trying to get to one of them.

He was not very successful in his efforts because the bee guards prevented him from sipping at the nectar.

He managed to tip one a bit and some of the nectar seeped out and dripped on to my patio.

The feeders were mostly full and when I got up the next morning, all feeders were bone dry.

I think that it is a good suggestion if I can, to set up a video camera.

Hi David

A video camera that has night vision capability and has a motion sensor is most helpful.

Much better than staying up all night watching! ;-)

I have some bird cam suggestions here: 4 Best Bird Cams

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