Backyard Bird Eateries:
Birds Partaking in the Sustenance of Life

Photo Contest 2019 Entries

Pileated Picnic

by Elizabeth Sprague
Wantage, New Jersey



Pileated Woodpecker duo enjoying berry suet.

Majestic Bluejay

by Lauren
Masury, Ohio


King of the feeder!

Beautiful Bluejay enjoying an afternoon snack.

Play nice

by Lauren
Masury ohio


House Sparrows having a spat.

Do not play well with others!

Saving Some For Later

by Lauren
Masury ohio


So Cute

House Sparrow really enjoying the suet.

Snow day for the Birds

by Deanna Mayhew
Crocker, Missouri


Here in Crocker, Missouri, it's another snow day for the birds...Cardinals, White-throated Sparrows, Purple Finches scurry about to get their fill of black oil sunflower seeds. It's always a favorite and provides an excellent source of high fat, fiber, and protein to keep them warm and healthy through the winter months.

Three House Finches Enjoying
A Winter Snack

by Bill Saidel
Cherry Hill, New Jersey


Did you hear what they have at the feeder in the next yard?

Red Bellied Woodpecker
Eating Suet in the Snow

by Timothy Miller
Woodburn, I


Seeing this Red-bellied Woodpecker outside the window at my home in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I eagerly set up my micro tripod on the window sill and snapped photo after photo of the contented woodpecker. Of all the photographs I took, this one is my favorite. I really like how the piece of suet in the woodpecker's beak adds to the photo, as well as how both the woodpecker and the suet feeder are in tack sharp focus.

Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird

by Timothy Miller
Woodburn, I


This photograph of a female Ruby-throated Hummingbird is very special to me due to all the work that went into it.  After setting up my feeder in our backyard flower garden in such a way that the nearby flowers would be in the background, I positioned a cardboard dummy camera nearby for a few days to get the little hummers used to feeding with a camera nearby. Finally, I dared to replace the dummy camera with my real camera. Tense with excitement, I sat back under the shade of a nearby tree with my remote, which I would use to trigger the camera every time a hummingbird zoomed in.  After many different tries, many hours, and many, many photos, I finally captured this photograph.

American Goldfinch Pair

by Timothy Miller
Woodburn, I


Seeing the Goldfinches flocking to our thistle feeder after arriving in early April (I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana), I set up my tripod and cardboard dummy camera nearby. After the Goldfinches became accustomed to the dummy camera, I replaced the dummy camera with my real camera. Using the interval timer setting, I set the camera to take a picture every minute. After multiple attempts and hundreds of photographs, I finally captured this photograph. I really like this photograph because the wide angle view not only shows the Goldfinches, but also their habitat - our backyard, as well as showing a touch of blue sky.


by Tina Kouskoutis
Tarpon Springs, Florida


This picture was taken in my yard and this little Tufted Titmouse had the pile of seeds to himself for a total of about .5 seconds!

Feed Me Now!

by Terri Wasilenko
Weedsport, New York


When sitting on my backyard deck I observed two Sparrows at the black oil seed feeder.  I laughed out loud when I watched a fledgling practically attack its parent for food. Enjoying the drama, I marveled at the parent's patience as it was teaching its offspring to feed itself at the bird feeder.

Sweet Water!

by Terri Wasilenko
Weedsport, New York


When visiting Stillwater Inn in northern New York state, the owners had set up several hummingbird feeders for patrons to watch the local Ruby-throated Hummingbirds while dining on the outer deck. I payed more attention to the Hummingbirds than my lunch! It was a fascinating visit!

Yummy Worms!

by Terri Wasilenko
Weedsport, New York


A pair of Robins built a solid mud nest on the ledge over my front door. Three wee Robins waited enthusiastically for their Dad and Mom to feed them constantly through out the day. If you look closely, one of the babies was quite large and often got more than its fair share.

I See You Watching Me

by Robyn Waugh
Columbia, Pennsylvania


Ruby-throated Hummingbird sipping sugar water. Able to take these shots, as I sit on my porch where I have multiple feeders available for them to choose from. Always a super fun bird to watch!

I Am Thirsty

by Robyn Waugh
Columbia, Pennsylvania


Gray Catbird drinking from a fountain water bowl. This is a dog water bowl that my husband bought me a few years ago to help attract birds with running water. I have all kinds of birds that come and visit.

American Goldfinches in Symmetry

by Michelle Wittensoldner
New Philadelphia, Ohio


Photo taken summer of 2018 at my home feeder in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Male and female American Goldfinch. They are eating nyjer finch food. I liked this photo due to the symmetry of the birds on the feeder.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Pair

by Michelle Wittensoldner
New Philadelphia, Ohio


Male and female Ruby-throated Hummingbirds at my feeder at home in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Birds are eating Hummingbird food. I liked this photo because I was able to capture not one but two birds in flight.

The Chase

by Michelle Wittensoldner
New Philadelphia, Ohio


This is a picture of a Cardinal chasing a Titmouse off the feed. It is just simple wildbird food here. I was happy to catch the birds in flight. Photo taken at my home feeder in New Philadelphia, Ohio.

Cigar and Champagne

by Linda Brooks
Simpsonville, South Carolina


I like to use unusual vessels to hold the seed and they make for interesting conversation starters.  This is one of my favorites. My Chickadee is enjoying a seed that appears to be a cigar while sitting on a champagne glass.

Early Morning Gossip Session

by Linda Brooks
Simpsonville, South Carolina


I like to think "Outside the Box" and was trying to think of unique feeders. I came across this pitcher from a child's tea set and glued it to a plastic plate. I filled the pitcher with seed and it spilled out onto the plate.  The next morning the Goldfinches were having a field day.  In my mind, I saw one of them saying to the another, "Hey Mable, did you hear what happened at the party last night?"  This is one of my favorite bird photos.  Hope you enjoy!

Coming In For A Landing!

by Kristi Hart
Texarkana, Arkansas


I love my backyard birds, and enjoy taking pictures of a variety of beautiful birds that visit my feeders year round. This picture is my first attempt to try and capture a bird in flight. With the weather being colder, my feeders were busy with yellow finches enjoying hulled sunflower seeds.

The Dark-eyed Junco That Saved Christmas

by Jody Grenier
Syracuse New York


This photo of a Sparrow was taken in Syracuse NY. The morning was perfect. The lightest of snow as the bird feeds is beautiful. Christmas morning!

I'm Outta Here!!!

by Tracie Csomos

Ida Michigan


Wait Your Turn!!!

by Tracie Csomos

Ida Michigan


Don't Even Think About It!
I Was Here First!

by Tracie Csomos

Ida Michigan


This picture was taken during the polar vortex that all of Michigan experienced this winter. I had a flock of bluebirds come in so quickly. I made sure I had live mealworms, and a heated bird bath close to where I originally spotted then. It wasn't but an hour later and I caught these two drinking. Such an awesome surprise on a cold winter day.

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