Wild Bird Newsletter Archive 2017

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Wild Bird Newsletter Archive 2017

Here in the Wild Bird Newsletter Archive 2017 you will find short descriptions of each newsletter send out in the year 2017.

Each month one or two newsletters were sent to subscribers.

There is also a link provided with each one where the entire newsletter can be enjoyed.

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Hope you enjoy it, as much as I have enjoyed putting it together!

12/31/2017 – What’s New at Wild Bird Scoop in 2018? (*v*)

best of the year

The Best of Wild Bird Scoop in 2017

How To Stop “Bullying” At Bird Feeders?

Interesting Facts About Hummingbirds

The #2 Killer Of Wild Birds – The Solution Is Clear!

12/23/2017 – Wishing You a Very Merry & Birdy-full  Christmas!

merry christmas

“Wishing You a Very Merry &

Birdy-full Christmas! “

Please share this greeting with your family & friends! (*v*)

12/19/2017 – Don’t Put Your Backyard Birds on the Naughty List

birdy christmas treats

Wild Birds Love Treats Too!

You will love watching them, love their treats!

Imagine your home is decorated and meals are planned.

You are sitting down one morning to relax with a cup of your favourite hot drink before your busy day begins.

You look outside to see who is visiting your feeders and yes!

12/05/2017 – A List of Helpful Seasonal Tips

winter cardinal

How to Prepare for Winter Bird Feeding In 8 Steps

Winter can be a difficult time of year for wild birds and a great time for bird watching for us.

Let’s make sure we are prepared to help our feathered friends weather the elements well that winter throws at them.

11/26/2017 – Bird Watching Equipment as Gifts

christmas penguin

Gifts for Bird Watchers!

Just dropping in to share with you some best ever bird watchers gifts!

I am pretty sure you will need to give something to a very special person soon, who is also a wild bird lover.

Hope this is an enormous help!

11/02/2017 – Take a Fun Course from Cornell Lab of Ornithology

bird feeding station

Do you sometimes look out your window, or when you are walking, see a bird you don’t know the name of?

Of course you have! We all have experienced this.

So I have decided to do something about not being able to identify a bird that I see.

I am going to enroll in an online course offered by Cornell Lab Of Ornithology. The course is called Be a Better Birder 1: Size and Shape.

I am inviting You to join me!

10/22/2017 – Where Have All My Birds Gone?

diy fly thru feeder

It happens, any season and for no apparent reason!

If you have been feeding wild birds for any length of time, you probably notice that from time to time, there seems to be less birds or none at all, at your bird feeders.

We dearly miss them, when we look out with anticipation, and they are not there!

We feel disappointment and concern. Then we ask ourselves, “Where have all my birds gone?”.

10/04/2017 – How Can Heated Bird Baths Help Wild Birds?

heated bird bath

There are many questions that need to be answered about heated bird baths.

Maybe you are asking these questions too:

Are heated bird baths safe for birds to use?

Are they able to keep the water free of ice in below freezing temperatures?

Is it dangerous for a bird to get all wet in winter temperatures?

09/18/2017 – How to Keep Hummingbird Nectar From Freezing

stop nectar feeder from freezing

Series Part 7/7

There are bird watchers who feed Hummingbirds during the winter season in the northern regions of their habitat range.

The number of Hummingbirds are increasing every year who are staying in the northwestern United States and British Columbia where low temperatures bring snow and ice .

Are You Asking Questions?

09/03/2017 – How & Why it is Important to Feed Wild Birds in Autumn?

autumn bird feeding

You Can Create Hardship for Birds If You Take Them Down Too Soon

Your well meaning neighbours and friends may tell you to take your bird feeders down in the autumn months.

Their reason for telling you this may be because they believe if you do not, then the birds that have been using your feeders all summer will not leave to migrate south.

They are concerned that this will cause them great harm as they will perish with the cold weather.

08/24/2017 – Hummingbird Migration is a Marvel!

hummingbird migration

Series Part 6/7

Thinking about the marvel of migration by any bird is a “mind boggler”. But imagine the tiniest bird in the world taking this incredible journey and traversing it alone.

It is almost too hard to believe!

It happens every year and not just once, but twice.

08/09/2017 – Interesting Facts About Hummingbirds!

hummingbird gorgets

Series Part 5/7

Many people whether they are birders or not think that Hummingbirds are the most interesting of all the members of the avian world?

They are a wonder in the variety of adornment that they come in. There is such a wide range of feather arrangement, color combinations and the ability of the feathers to shine in such a glistening fashion the first Spanish explorers to the new world felt justified to call them “flying jewels”!

07/15/2017 – How to Get Rid of Pests at Nectar Feeders?

bees at syrup feeder

Series Part 4/7

There are many types of pests that can ruin the feeding of Hummingbirds sugar syrup. But you can avoid this frustration if you take action quickly.

Bees of various kinds can swarm around a nectar feeder even making it impossible for the little birds to feed.

But we do not want to harm Bees as many types are close to extinction from insecticide use, especially neonicotinoids.

06/05/2017 – The #2 Killer of Wild Birds. The Solution is Clear

tall buildings kill birds

How to Fix Backyard Bird Feeding Problems?

Series Part 5/5

The solution may be clear to some, but often obscured for others. Not many people understand how to solve this issue and use techniques that do nothing to bring a solution to stopping the killing.

But what is the #2 killer of wild birds we are dealing with here? It is the windows in our homes and especially the multiple windowed buildings in our large cities which stand boldly in the way of millions of birds each year who are trying to migrate to warm winter homes and north again to breed in summer.

04/30/2017 – How to Stop “Bullying” at Bird Feeders

starling at feeder

How to Fix Backyard Bird Feeding Problems?

Series Part 4/5

You have your feeder all set up, filled with good bird food and lots of happy takers. Then one day you look out your window to see your feeder has been hijacked!

Discouraging? Yes.

Unsolvable? No!

Let’s look at 6 ways to stop “Bullying” at your feeders.

04/18/2017 – The Intriguing Stuff Like Mating, Raising Babies & More

ruby-throated hummingbird

Series Part 3/7

In the second part of this Hummingbird Series we discovered how males will flare their tails and gorgets to intimidate intruders. In this issue you will find out that this is not the only situation where males will act this way..

Hummingbird mating is fascinating behaviour. The male’s performance is an amazing show designed to attract a female.

04/01/2017 – How to Fix the Mess Under Your Bird Feeders & Keep It Clean

female cardinal feeding

How to Fix Backyard Bird Feeding Problems?

Series Part 3/5

Wild bird feeding can be messy business!

Seed shells are discarded on the ground.

The types of seed birds don’t eat in a mixed blend will be tossed overboard too.

Then there is the issue of toiletries.

03/18/2017 – How to Attract Hummers with Plants & More? Then, once you have them… What to do About the Battles?

hummingbird plants

Series Part 2/7

Plants that bloom present a very special lure for Hummingbirds.

Of course, blooming plants are a great attraction for us too, but for
different reasons than Hummers. We love flowers for their beauty and

But why are Hummers so attracted to certain flowering plants? For the
nectar blooms produce is the most commonly known reason and there is

02/27/2017 – How to Stop Squirrels?

stop squirrels

How to Fix Backyard Bird Feeding Problems?

Series Part 2/5

Squirrels ?!%*# Friend or Foe? Let’s stop sharing all our bird seed!
Does this sound like something impossible?

Well, it’s not!

There are ways to slow down and even stop our furry friends.

02/16/2017 – How Early Should I Hang My Hummingbird Feeder?

when to hang syrup feeder

Series Part 1/7

When should you hang-up your Hummingbird feeder?

  1. On a set date every year?
  1. When you first notice Hummers at the neighbours?
  1. As soon as other birds return?

Find out!

01/26/2017 – How to Fix Backyard Bird Feeding Problems & Hummingbirds “The Jewelled Warriors”

NEW  2 Series

  1. How to Fix Backyard Bird Feeding Problems? 5 Parts
  1. Hummingbirds “The Jewelled Warriors” 7 Parts

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kitty hunting

How to Fix Backyard Bird Feeding Problems?

Series Part 1/5

The #1 Killer of Songbirds at Feeders & How to Stop It! (You may be surprised at what it is.) & Dealing with Other Pests

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