Wild Bird Photo Contest

Our Very First "Birdyful" Bird Photo Contest
Wild Birds Winter "Chow Time"
March 1 to April 7, 2018

bird photo contestWild Birds Winter "Chow Time"

A bird watcher can never look at enough wild birds or photos of them!

Or take enough photos!

Bird watching is addictive! A good, positive, healthy pastime!

So, enter the contest and be a winner!

Our First Contest is Called

Wild Birds Winter “Chow Time”

(*v*)  Enter photos of birds dining in winter.

(*v*Voting will be open to everyone first, after entry deadline.

(*v*Then the Top 10 photos will go to our respected judges.

(*v*Then the Top 3 photos will be awarded the Best Ever Bird Watchers Prizes!

Wild Birds Winter “Chow Time” Contest Rules

(Even if you don’t have snow, please feel free to enter your Wild Birds Winter “Chow Time” too.)

  • Photos submitted must show a wild bird "chowing down." Birds eat many things at bird feeders and in the wild. (Please be sensitive to the fact that photos of birds of prey eating, if too graphic will be deleted. Thank you for your understanding.)
  • Begins March 1, 2018 at 12:00am to April 7, 2018, closing at 11:59pm.
  • Photo entry must be taken by you.
  • Entrants can submit up to 3 photos during the contest time frame. (Professional photographers are asked not to enter, to give others a chance. But if you wish to have your photos showcased with a watermark on the site, please contact us here. )
  • Contest entries must be accompanied with some details. Entrant's name and email (if we do not have your email then we will not know how to notify you if you win!), location of photo (City, State/Province, Country), type of bird, what the bird is eating, circumstance and any other information a contestant might wish to include.
  • You will be asked if your photo can be used on the site in perpetuity with your name watermarked on it, if you wish. But giving permission to showcase your photo on the site is not a requirement for entering the contest.
  • After the contest closing date, voting will be opened to everyone who wishes to cast a vote between April 8th to April 14th. The ten photos with the most votes will be passed on to the judges.
  • Judges will be emailed the link where they can view the top ten photos to make their choice on April 16th. Judges are asked to have their decisions returned by April 21st.
  • First prize will be awarded to the photo that gets the most firsts from the judges with a second and third runner up.
  • Winners will be announced on the website the last week of April.

Our Respected Judges for
Wild Birds Winter “Chow Time”

To Be Announced

To Be Announced

To Be Announced

Best Ever Bird Watchers Prizes!

1st Prize

To Be Announced

2nd Prize

To Be Announced

3rd Prize

To Be Announced

Please visit this page often for future updates!


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Happy times taking pics Everyone!!!

Questions? Ask them here.

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