Vermont's Ruby-Throated Arrival: Hummingbird Migration

Awaiting the Aerial Ballet

Ruby-throated hummingbirds make their incredible journey to Vermont, arriving in mid-April.

Hummingbird Migration Mystique

Hummingbirds travel solo, leading to a gradual, staggered arrival in Vermont, with males arriving first.

Preparing Your Feeders

Place hummingbird feeders out by mid-March to catch early arrivals and help them refuel.

Gardening for Nectar Lovers

Transform your garden with flowers like impatiens and morning glories to provide natural nectar sources.

Insects: The Other Hummingbird Diet

Maintain a garden teeming with insects, an essential part of the hummingbirds' diet, by avoiding pesticides.

Seasonal Farewell in September

Hummingbirds begin their departure from Vermont by mid-September, heading south to warmer climates.

Prolonged Feeder Welcome

To aid migrating stragglers, keep feeders active through mid-October in case of late departures.

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