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A bird house for wild birds must meet the requirements of nesting bird behaviour.

Some wild birds nest in a cavity such as a hole in a tree, in the side of a river bank, or in a man-made bird house.

Other birds will build their nest on a tree branch limb or in the crook of a branch.

Robins and Mourning Doves build their nests on something that provides a shelf like protrusion.

Robins are well known for constructing their nurseries on the top of outside light fixtures or outside decorative wreaths. You may be quite familiar with this practice. ;)

Bird House Designs

Building bird houses with particular criteria is important. 

A house plan will include all the necessities to attract a particular type of wild bird species.

Different features will need to be adjusted in a particular bird abode design for a particular wild bird.

For instance the size of a bird house counts. A Chickadee will not build a nest in an owl box. A box built for a large bird like an owl would have a birdhouse hole size far too big for a Chickadee, as would the size of the box be too large.

Style is important too. Not all birds like to nest in a colony. A Chickadee again would not choose a purple martin house with multiple next door neighbours. But Purple Martins on the other hand will only nest in multi-family units.

Purple Martins have also changed their habits over the decades and now only nest in man-made houses.

Decorative Bird Houses

Decorative houses are for the pleasure of the bird watcher not necessarily the birds that are being watched.

But wild birds are happy to inhabit a hand made house with decorative features as long as it fulfills their needs.

The decorative elements are not usually a deterrent for wild birds.

A house is one of the four elements necessary for a successful backyard bird habitat along with food, water and safety.

A good bird real estate expert knows that it is important to meet the needs of wild birds and OK to please their admirers at the same time.

Knowledgeable, happy bird watchers protect natural wildlife habitat.

Take the quiz and find out what you know about the wild bird housing market!

Good Luck!

Bird House Quiz Questions

Are You a Wild Bird Real Estate Expert?

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  • Wild Bird Shelters for roosting or homes for cavity nesters are a good way to keep birds in your yard for great bird watching.

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