Your Wild Birds Guide to
Fixing Backyard Bird Watching Problems

How To Attract Backyard Birds?

Wild birds are attracted to our outdoor spaces with different types of bird feeders filled with a variety of bird food, bird houses, plants, flowers, trees and especially bird baths with moving water.

With Lots of Special Bird Watching Moments to See!

  • Your first feathered visitor to your bird feeder is a special exhilarating experience.

  • This feeling does not end after the first visitor either, but continues with the second and third...

  • A new type of wild bird you have never seen before at your wild bird feeder! Should I run for my bird identification book or just watch?

  • A young family of House Finches having their first frolic in your bird bath!

  • Little garden visitors flitting about your Hummingbird feeders and even feeding from your hand!

Watching Winged Wonders Will Fill Your Life With Joy!

But, will feeding and watching wild birds in your backyard be enjoyable and exhilarating all the time?

If You Feed Wild Birds, You Will Have Problems...

Don't let the problems that come along from time to time overwhelm you. There are ways to fix every obstacle.

You may have found this site because you were looking for a solution to a backyard bird feeding dilemma.

The help you need to fix the troubles you encounter are here, so you can enjoy this wonderful hobby to the full extent.

Keep going...

Get Tips To Fix Backyard Bird Feeding Problems:

What bird feeders will help you attract the wild birds you want to see?

How to stop squirrels & the number one wild bird predator !*#?

 How to prevent piles of uneaten seed under your feeder!

Tips to stop Starlings and Blackbirds from owning Your feeders!

 How to attract birds to your yard with bird feeders & more?

✓ How to keep hummingbird feeders clean to prevent disease?

What type of bird house should you put up?

What are the best birding binoculars to use for bird watching?

If you have a question about anything to do with wild birds, ask our birding community here.

And maybe you might be able to help someone else out by answering their question.

Find Instructions on How to Make Things & Steps to Follow Each Season For Success

Seasons bring changes for our avian friends too.

There are things to be on the look out for...
And lots of enjoyment to be had!

All Bird Feeding Problems Have Solutions!

There are many things you can do to bring birds up close for hours of exciting viewing.

There is a lot to learn about our feathered friends that will amaze you!

Bonus 7 Part Series

Hummingbirds "The Jewelled Warriors"

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