Hummingbird Vines: What Type of Vines Attract Hummingbirds?

An image of a hummingbird at a trumpet vine.

Nature’s Strategies While plants do not sit around thinking of strategies for pollination, and hummingbirds do not fly around looking for flowers to pollinate—the fact is, hummingbirds visiting flowers is indeed a strategy—a natural strategy—to aid reproduction.  For plants to develop fertile seeds to produce more plants, the flower must be pollinated. By producing nectar, … Read more

4 Red Birds Found in Texas (Pictures)

A picture of a cardinal standing in dirt. Text reads 4 species of red birds that can be found in Texas.

Table of Contents Introduction Red Birds in Texas Summer Tanager Cardinal Vermillion Flycatcher Painted Bunting Introduction The “red birds” of Texas include birds that are essentially red all over or have red coloration over more than half of their bodies. Four birds met these criteria, including the Summer Tanager, Cardinal, Vermilion Flycatcher, and the Painted … Read more

The 3 Pink Birds in Florida

A picture of pink birds with text that reads the 3 species of pink birds that can be found in florida.

Of the three large pink birds associated with Florida, only one is truly native to North America—the roseate spoonbill. The flamingo is a transplant from the Bahamas and the scarlet ibis is a rare vagrant from South America or an escapee from an aviary or zoo in North America.  Table of Contents Pink Birds in … Read more

10 Finches Found in Florida

A picture of a Finch perched on a tree branch with text that reads 10 finches that can be found in Florida.

Any discussion of finches requires careful definition of terms. True finches are small to medium-sized passerine birds taxonomically classified in the family Fringillidae. Additional “finch-like” (and described as “finches,” e.g., in some earlier Peterson Field Guides) are also included in the families Cardinalidae and Thraupidae. Table of Contents Florida Finches American Goldfinches Pine Siskin Purple … Read more