Bird Identification Quizzes

Looking to test your bird identification skills? Check out our bird identification quizzes below. Need to cram before the test? Check out our lists of various birds by state and birds by type first. 

Intermediate Bird ID Quiz

Once you’ve taken on the easy quiz, test your skills with the intermediate quiz. Like in the easy version, these birds have expansive ranges across much of the United States, but they’re just a little bit more difficult.

Hawk ID Quiz

For the sake of this quiz, only hawks will be included. Other Accipitriformes, such as vultures, kites, and eagles, will be excluded.

Woodpecker ID Quiz

See how many of these 10 North American woodpeckers you can identify from just one photo. While most woodpeckers are black and white, there are small details that can give away each woodpecker’s identity, from colorful red or yellow marks to special wing patterns.

Owl ID Quiz

Nineteen species of owls are found in the United States, from the tiny, inches-long elf owl to the great grey owl, one of the world’s largest. Though they’re not often spotted by people during the daylight hours, these birds hold a special spot in human history, lore, and pop culture. See how many owls you can recognize with this quiz.

Hummingbird ID Quiz

The smallest birds on the planet, hummingbirds can be very difficult to identify, especially as they zip through the air at high speeds. Additionally, just one hummingbird species breeds in the eastern United States, so don’t worry if you have trouble with this quiz. It doesn’t get much harder than this. Most of the options on this quiz will be males, as female hummingbirds often lack the distinguishing characteristics of males and are more difficult to pick apart.