About This Site

Wild Bird Scoop

Started long before it’s actual existence. It started as a passion for watching birds in the backyard.
It was a hobby that was shared and taught to the kids.


As The passion Grew,

It lead to new ventures such as starting a wild bird store.

Knowledge and experience grew throughout the years.

The bird store was sold and it ended up evolving

into this site, Wild Bird Scoop.

“In order to see birds it is necessary to
become a part of the silence.”

―Robert Lynd

Here you’ll be able to tap into our many years of

insights and experience in the wonderful hobby known

as “birding” or “bird watching.”



“The sound of birds stops the noise in my mind.”

―Carly Simon

Meet our writers

5897576F F26F 4B86 9A4A FAF4A87B19A5 e1594043998207 Sydney

Has a degree in Zoology and environmental studies. Her work experience includes time at Columbus Zoo and working abroad in Australia where she has worked with several native and exotic species. Read more 

image 1 e1594044375868 Noah

A graduate student pursuing a degree in Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. At LUB he builds models on migration and study’s why birds choose the habitats that they do? Read more

3writer Jeff

Jeff has an education in biology and environmental sciences. Jeff grew up on a farm in Virginia that was rich with wildlife. It was here he began learning and developing a passion for birds. Read more

Elizabeth Waddington


Sustainability specialist, loves everything nature-related. Elizabeth creates wildlife-wise, eco-friendly designs, and writes about the topics that inspire her! Read more 

Liz Ranfeld


An independent educator and writer from Indiana. Liz likes spotting hawks, pileated woodpeckers, hummingbirds, and other wild creatures and enjoys hiking, canoeing, and gardening. Read more

Stevie Miller


A freelance writer with over a decade of experience. Stevie had the opportunity to help the birds directly, working as a paramedic. Now she enjoys frequent time outdoors, traveling extensively to observe the birds and animals. Read more


Charlie has been passionate about birds almost since his very first foot steps outdoors. As a child, he’d read and write about birds obsessively and even began collecting data about different birds’ feeding habits at his bird table while still at elementary school.  Read more

Sophie Herlihy


A successful Zookeeper and Conservationist, specializing in native New Zealand species. She loves bird watching in native forests and searching for rare frog species. Read more


JacobJacob Swanson e1656090773970

A wildlife photographer whose work has been featured in over a dozen different online and print publications. He’s on a personal quest to visit every U.S. national park and see as many wildlife species as possible. Read more


A passionate wildlife and nature enthusiast with a deep fascination for birds. When not walking along the beach, mesmerized by soaring seagulls, Dana explores the lush green spaces in and around her city. Read more

Ashe Samuels Ashe

Content writer, marketer, and passionate advocate for sustainability, fair trade, and conservation. Also a devoted birdwatcher and talented artist. Read more