5 Birds That Look Like Toucans | A Comprehensive Bird Guide

Birds That Look Like Toucans

Do you know toucans? Even those who have never visited South America probably know one of these fruit-loving birds from the cheerful mascot of Fruit Loops cereal. Toucans are a large family of birds that includes over 40 species. That family includes similar-looking–but different–species, the toucanets, and aracaris. The members of the toucan family share … Read more

Can Birds Eat Marshmallows? Learn Why They Shouldn’t!

Can Birds Eat Marshmallows

Marshmallows are a sweet and fluffy delight,  whether they’re roasting over a campfire to melt into a s’more or floating in our hot chocolates as they steam in our mugs. With all that sugary goodness, you might be thinking about sharing the love with your feathered friends. After all, sugar is energy, right? Read on … Read more

Male vs Female Cardinals: Learn To Spot the Differences

Male vs Female Cardinals

Northern Cardinals are a beloved bird and a favorite sight in winter when these year-round residents dazzle backyard bird enthusiasts from snow-covered evergreens. The bright red male cardinals are practically synonymous with the holiday season. But what about female cardinals? Less showy–but we would argue, no less beautiful!–than their male counterparts, female cardinals have their … Read more