How to Keep Birds Off Your Porch

Three 3 birds sitting on a porch. Text reads

There are few things worse than a build-up of bird poop splattered across your deck or porch. Walking outside to shoo them away is never permanent. They always come back, flaunting their feathered behinds to mock you.  Well, no more.  Today is the day you get the upper hand. Today is the day you become … Read more

Do Hummingbirds Sleep? If so, how?

A picture of a hummingbird perched on a twig. Text reads

The only thing more cute than a little tiny animal is a little tiny animal that’s sleeping. I mean, COME ON! How could anyone argue with that?! What about the tiniest of tiny—say, hummingbirds? Those little cuties work so hard during the day, flapping and buzzing around. They’re really extraordinary little creatures. So how are … Read more

8 Species of Owls in Wisconsin (Pictures)

An owl nestled in some tree branches. Text reads 8 species of owls that be found in Wisconsin.

Intro Owls have the reputation of being wise and elusive, the perfect companion to the Greek goddess, Athena. Their wide eyes and tranquil dispositions simultaneously project an aura of quiet curiosity and all-knowing. Being nocturnal and less commonly seen than their diurnal neighbors, these coveted creatures are a jewel to see in the birding world.  … Read more

The 5 Species of Blackbirds Found in Texas

A picture of 4 blackbirds perched on a mountain top. Text reads 5 blackbirds found in Texas.

Blackbirds—the birds known for being hungry, noisy, bullies. Have you seen any?  You’ve probably watched them eyeballing your feeders and scaring your other colorful, little balls of music away (goodbye, cardinals.)  Maybe you’ve received an earful of angry “words” from one when you were too close to his proudly-defended territory—a territory that is remarkably similar … Read more