How To Keep Hummingbird Feeder From Freezing

how to keep hummingbird feeder from freezing

Hummingbird feeders filled with a sugar-water solution can be a great addition to a hummingbird-friendly space. These are commonly placed outside only over the warmest months, whereas hummingbirds are present during the summer months alone. Therefore, feeders are often put out during spring to accommodate migrating arrivals and removed a couple of weeks after the … Read more

Feeding Wild Birds in the Autumn (Full Guide for Birders)

Feeding Wild Birds in the Autumn

Feeding wild birds in your backyard over the autumn months isn’t just about making sure your feeders are well stocked. Though this is part of the picture, it’s also very important to make sure that there are natural sources of food on your property that wild birds can take advantage of as the weather begins … Read more

3 Birds That Look Like Hummingbirds, and One Moth!

Birds That Look Like Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are such unique and amazing birds that, in North America, you are more likely to have trouble telling the difference between different hummingbird species than you are to confuse hummingbirds with other bird species. What Do Hummingbirds Look Like? Hummingbirds present in North America are relatively small birds that fly and flit quickly around … Read more

Birds That Look Like Parrots: 6 North American Bird Families You’ve Seen

birds that look like parrots

Have you seen a parrot where you live? Or a lookalike species? What Are Parrots? Parrots, also known as psittacines, are birds within 92 genera, around 398 species in total, that belong to the order Psittaciformes. Mostly found in subtropical and tropical regions, there are three groups within this order. There are the Psittacoidea (also … Read more

Ducks in Montana – Here Are 20 Species To Look Out For!

Ducks in Montana

There is no debate: Montana is gorgeous! Home to national parks, state parks, rivers, mountains, grasslands, and prairies, Montana is beloved by tourists and residents alike. The state is full of incredible wild animals and fascinating birds, too! If you find yourself near Montana’s waterways, you’re likely to see a variety of ducks. There are … Read more

9 Ducks in Hawaii – Enjoy Our Informative, Fact-Filled Guide!

Ducks in Hawaii

Hawaii offers unique opportunities for birdwatching that are not available in the other United States. The species found here are often very different from those found on the North American continent. The ducks in Hawaii are an interesting example of the endemic bird populations illustrating the dangers that come to these birds through the introduction … Read more

20 Ducks in Indiana That You Can Spot (Species + Seasons)

Ducks in Indiana

Indiana is a state that offers some great birdwatching opportunities, and if you are interested in ducks you won’t be disappointed! Happily, there are plenty of ducks that you can see when birdwatching in this state. Below are some of the most common duck species encountered in Indiana, including when you might expect to see … Read more

Do Hawks Eat Rabbits? A Guide to Rabbit-Loving Hawks in North America

do hawks eat rabbits

Hawks comprise a family of birds within the Accipiter genus and another group of birds (called buzzards elsewhere) within the Buteo genus. Understanding what these birds eat can be important – especially if you want to keep pets or smaller garden livestock safe from predation. It can also be an interesting in-road to learning more … Read more

5 Birds That Look Like Starlings: A Guide to Starling Lookalikes

birds that look like starlings

Fascinating to some and considered a pest by others, starlings are birds that polarize opinion. While starlings can look beautiful to some and create a truly wonderful wildlife spectacle when they gather together in large numbers and sweep across the skies in astonishing murmurations, for others, they can be a horticultural or agricultural pest. But … Read more

20 Ducks in Mississippi – What To See, and Where To See Them!

Ducks in Mississippi

Ducks are a fascinating group of birds, and those looking to spot them in Mississippi will certainly not be disappointed. There are many duck species present in this state. We’ve listed some of the most popular species of ducks in Mississippi that you are likely to see below, with information on when you might spot … Read more