How To Attract Birds Fast For Backyard Bird Watching

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3 Top Tips On How To Attract Birds Fast

Whether you are a brand-new lover of wild birds or a seasoned backyard birder here are some top tips that will help you learn how to attract birds fast.

A Pinterest image of a red cardinal at a feeder with text that reads

Sometimes we just get frustrated with our bird feeding hobby.

One of the exasperating circumstances I hear often from backyard bird watchers is that they have no birds.

Seasons bring changes so that can be an important factor to consider.

But setting up your outdoor space with these 3 elements will help your backyard bird feeding hobby a success.

The Best 3 Top Tips How To Attract Birds Fast With Perches

1. Perching Is Important To Wild Birds

A bird perched on a stick. This Red-breasted Nuthatch Loves
To Sit On This Perch

Perching to scan the area is very important to wild birds.

It is often an overlooked feature that many backyard bird watchers miss.

Have you ever noticed that wild birds seldom just fly into your feeders from a distance and start lunching right away?

The only ones I can think of that I have seen do this on a regular basis House Sparrows.

Most backyard birds will land within view of the feeding area somewhere on a fence, a bush or a tree, and peruse the landscape first before hopping onto the feeder.

Of course, they are doing this to check for predators or competitors before they can relax and eat.

(Although using the word “relax”, is not a word often used to describe birds eating. ;-))

They are usually quite alert, searching the area with their eyes for any dangers or competition.

You have probably noticed too that many birds grab a bite or two and then fly back to the perching area where they feel less exposed.

This is why places to perch are very important.

If your bird feeding area does not have trees, bushes, or other places for birds to sit, then consider adding some resting places for them.

A tree branch that can be used as a bird perch. This Is The Red-breasted Nuthatch’s
Favorite Perch

You can help your feathered friends feel welcome to your bird feeding area by providing places to perch ten to fifteen feet from your feeders.

The best way to do this would be to plant trees and bushes.

But unless you can plant large trees or more mature growth bushes, this could take years to have the type of perching and cover birds need.

But there are faster methods that can be implemented while your trees and bushes grow.

A big, branchy perch for birds. A Gnarly Perch Loved By
Many Feathered Friends

This can be done by gathering a fallen branch or two and attaching them to a fence, a post, or even tied to the top of your bird feeder pole.

It will serve as the lookout point for your birds to decide whether it is safe to visit your feeders.

And give the grab and go birds a place to devour what they grabbed.

After Christmas, I always stick a discarded Christmas tree or two in the snow to provide better hiding places for the small birds, as we do not have evergreen trees close to our bird feeders, only deciduous trees that are bare in winter.

Evergreens provide added protection because of their hiding ability.

How To Attract Birds Fast With Water

2. Moving, Noisy Water

I have always said the fastest way to attract birds to your bird-watching space is to provide the sound of water.

But if you do not have number one in place then this number 2 top tip will not be the magic formula that it can be, so make sure your birds have places to perch.

You can add the sound of water in a number of different ways using your birdbath.

Here are ways that anyone can setup:

•    Install a dripper, mister or bubbler.
•    Install a fountain.
•    Install a jiggler.

A Selection Of Drippers, Misters, Bubblers, Jigglers & A Fountain

Drippers, Misters, Jigglers, Bubblers & Solar Fountains for Attracting Wild Birds

See a full selection of drippers & misters.

The Sound Of Water Is Irresistible To Birds

Anything that creates the sound of water will work as a magnet as birds are attracted to water because, just as we do, they depend on it for survival.

You can set up your own dripper by up-cycling a plastic bottle by:

  1. poke a tiny hole in the bottom of the plastic bottle fill the bottle with water
  2. put the lid on and tighten it up, which will keep it from dripping while you
  3. suspend it over your birdbath, then
  4. loosen the lid to start the drip
  5. adjust the rate of the drip by making the lid tighter or looser

Voila, your own homemade bird bath dripper!

You do not have to keep the dripper constantly working.

Once the birds have found your birdbath then they will remember it is there and will use it often if it is maintained well.

Learn how to maintain a birdbath.

If you try this homemade dripper system, let me know how it works, I love mine!

How To Attract Birds Fast With Food

3. Set Out A Backyard Bird Buffet From “Bird Soup” To Nuts!

The 3rd top tip for attracting birds fast is to bestow your feathered friends with a buffet from “bird soup” to nuts!

Not all the wild birds we want to enjoy up close like to eat the same things.

In the summer season spread out a variety of bird food in your outdoor space, such as black-oil sunflower seed, safflower seed, nyjer seed, summer suet, nectar, fresh fruit, mealworms, and millet.

variety-of-summer-bird-feeders-to-attract-many-birdsHow To Attract Birds Fast
With A Buffet Of Bird Food

In the winter months offering the same menu if you live in the northern regions, minus the nectar and fresh fruit will give you the opportunity to attract birds faster than with one type of cuisine.

Dried fruit can be mixed with suet during the cold months when the fruit and nectar-eating birds have migrated.

To learn about the different types of bird food you can offer to attract particular birds and the best types of feeders to offer the food in, have a look here at wild bird feeders.

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