Squirrel Buster Plus Review Will Solve Your Squirrel Problems

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The Squirrel Buster Plus Review will help you understand how this excellently designed bird feeder will completely keep the squirrels out and save you a ton of money and frustration!

When we set out to feed wild birds, we aim to attract the beautiful avian friends we want to see like Northern Cardinals, the type of Chickadees that live in our area, and many of the other common backyard songbirds that are so popular to see.

Feed the birds, not the squirrels!

Learn how it works in this Squirrel Buster Plus Review.

What Problems Will The Squirrel Buster Plus Review Solve?

Sometimes that simple idea and desire, to happily feed wild birds, turns into a tough challenge, because our feeders also draw larger birds that we don’t want, and squirrels which create a headache to get rid of.

We spend a lot of money on seed, or on a new feeder because squirrels can cause tons of damage to a feeder trying to get at the seed.

Sometimes just a little seed left in a corner of a feeder will provoke a squirrel to completely destroy a feeder in the attempt to get that small bit of food.

Or even a small flock of Blackbirds or Starlings can empty a feeder quickly.

Therefore we spend far too much money than necessary, keeping the feeders full, and replacing them.

We toss the old feeder in the garbage filling up our landfill site and metal feeders or plastic ones, which will take lifetimes to break down, meantime polluting our world.

Does that sound familiar?

The Squirrel Buster Plus Review Explains How This Excellent Feeder Works?

  • When hung properly, which means ensuring an 18inch/47cm clearance on all sides, no squirrel of any size or “talent” will be able to feed on this feeder.
  • There is a shroud that is weight-sensitive, which the owner can adjust, will slide down over the seed ports to prevent squirrels or any size bird from eating from this feeder.
  • The manufacturer, Brome Bird Care, promises to service this feeder for the rest of your entire life.
    Which means they will, free of charge, replace parts, or even the entire feeder if need be for as long as you own the feeder.

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The Squirrel Buster Plus Works!
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  • A Cardinal ring is included with the feeder. Some wild birds, like Cardinals, prefer to eat facing their food. They do not like to sit on a perch and turn their head sideways to eat.
    The Cardinal ring also allows more birds to eat at one time.
  • The feeder parts that a squirrel would be able to reach are made of a material called RoxResin which squirrels cannot chew through. So no more worries about your feeder being destroyed by chewing.
  • The seed is kept fresh longer than in other types of feeders, because of a patented Seed Ventilation System that is exclusive to Brome Bird Care, that keeps the seed dry and from getting moldy.
  • You have a choice about which birds or animals can use your feeder with the patented adjustable spring mechanism. This means no more Blackbirds hogging your feeder!
  • The Squirrel Buster Plus has been designed to make it very easy to take apart for cleaning (a very necessary task when feeding wild birds to prevent bird sickness). No tools are necessary to clean the feeder, making it very convenient to look after.

A small bird eating from a squirrel buster plus Squirrel Buster Plus

How does the shroud work?

The shroud or cover is pulled down over the seed ports (the holes that allow the birds to access the seed), making them inaccessible to squirrels or larger birds.

The Cardinal ring is attached to the shroud, so when the squirrel grabs hold of it, the animal’s weight pulls the shroud down to cover the seed ports.

The shroud has holes which line-up perfectly with the seed holes, to allow the birds you want to see, the ability to dine at the feeder in a comfortable manner, and not be pushed off by squirrels or larger birds.

The manufacturer suggests that you leave the adjustable weight mechanism as is, which is set to the factory setting until you have tried it out for a while.

This way you will be able to determine whether it will need to be modified for your situation.

If it does need to be made more sensitive to heavier birds, then the transparent cartridge will need to be turned clockwise.

The red line indicator will lower down, increasing the weight required to move the shroud down and close off the seed ports.

To stop lighter weight birds from feeding, turn the cartridge counter-clockwise, and the red line will go up, allowing less heavy birds to be blocked from dining.

This is very useful when Starlings decide to visit!

 Squirrel Buster Plus Review Feeder Facts

  • This feeder will hold 5.2 lbs/2.4 kgs of seed making it unnecessary to refill as often as with smaller feeders.
  • Size: 6″x6″x28″ (w/hanger).
  • 6 feeding ports allow multiple birds to eat at once.
  • Wild Bird Feeder with Cardinal Ring.
  •  Weight adjustable to allow Cardinals and Grosbeaks to eat.
  • Squirrels cannot chew it!
  • Entertaining to watch the squirrels and larger birds try to use this feeder. But, they will give up on attempts to use the feeder, after a while. The entertainment stops then until new animals find it.
  • Attractive to look at.
  • Fill with shelled seed for mess-free bird feeding.
  • No seed is wasted on squirrels or unwanted birds saving you money on purchasing bird food.
  • Lifetime warranty ensures you will not be spending money on new feeders every year!
  • Environmentally safe as it will not need to be thrown out!

Squirrel Buster Family Of Feeders

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The Entire Family of Squirrel Buster Feeders Work On The Same Principle As Described Above With A Shroud That Closes Off The Seed Ports When An Animal Jumps On The Perch.

Squirrel Buster Peanut Feeder

A picture of the squirrel buster peanut feeder hanging from a hook in a tree.
An up-close look at the squirrel buster peanut feeder.

The photos above are courtesy of Timothy Miller who sent them in after winning this feeder as the 2nd prize winner of the 2019 photo contest!

This was our First Prize in our 2018
“Chow Time” Photo Contest

(But you can purchase one from Amazon.)

Where To Place The Squirrel Buster Plus Bird Feeder?

1.  The first consideration is to place the feeder where you will be able to enjoy watching all the activity.

For instance, the feeder can be hung from the eaves of the house using a hook, in front of a window where you often sit inside, or patio doors by the dining table. In your garden using a hook from a tree branch, on a deck, or a fence. Use brackets, to hang the feeder from the side of your house, or from a bird feeder hook inserted in the ground.

2.  Second, remember that because the “door closer” or shroud is weight triggered, if the Squirrel Buster Plus is too close to a brick wall for instance, then the squirrels will be able to suspend themselves between the wall and the feeder without putting weight on the ring, which closes off access to the food.

This will totally negate the usefulness of the feeder.

3.  Thirdly, use the accessories below to mount the feeder on a pole anywhere in the yard where you choose.

Squirrel Buster Plus Review Shows How It Is Cleaned

1.  The entire feeder has been designed with cleaning in mind. There are no tools needed to take the feeder apart for cleaning or to put it back together.

2.  Simply separate the feeder parts from one another, immerse them in water with a small amount of dish soap, vinegar or a couple of drops of bleach.

3. Use a long brush for washing the tube.

4.  Rinse all parts very well to remove the soap and disinfectant.

5.  Allow all the feeder pieces to dry thoroughly, before reassembling.

6.  Fill with fresh seed and rehang for your feathered friends to enjoy peaceful dining!

Squirrel Buster Plus

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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