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Suet for Birds

Suet Bird Feeders Quiz will help you understand how this bird food serves up a power packed boost of energy for our feathered friends.

They will consume this tasty treat with great relish.

Many species of wild birds will partake of suet especially if it is mixed with fruit, nuts and bugs.

But some species make this their favourite meal and will be back on a regular schedule to indulge in this life giving food.

At times when wild birds are involved in a great deal of activity, such as staking out a territory, attracting a mate, courting, nesting, raising young and migrating they will consume what seems like large quantities of suet fat.

The other times large quantities maybe consumed is when Blackbirds and Starlings discover this rich food source in your feeder.

It may not seem like a healthy choice as we know what happens to people when we consume large quantities of animal fat...

The saving grace for healthy hearts in wild birds is their high activity levels and their natural grazing style of eating.

There are no motorized vehicles to carry them through their day and no entertainment units awaiting them to fill their evenings while they idly sit back.

Therefore there is no heart disease, which makes suet a safe choice for bird feeding.

Why Serve Suet Fat to Wild Birds?

There is much to learn about suet bird feeders:

Is suet hard to make?

Are there very many suet recipes available that I can make?

What type of feeder can be used for suet cakes?

How can suet be served in summer when it is hot?

What types of wild birds will eat suet?

Where is the best place to hang a suet feeder in my backyard?

Why is suet rendered?

Where can I buy suet?

What is the best type of suet feeder to keep Starlings and Blackbirds from eating my suet?

You will find all the answers to these questions and the ones below in the quiz on this site, just click on the pages in the sidebar under Bird Feeder Suet & Plans.

Suet Bird Feeders Quiz

So, let’s discover what your knowledge level is for wild bird fat (suet)?

Take the Quiz and Good Luck!

Suet: Fattening Up the Wild Birds

A Woodpeckers and Nuthatches
B Cardinals and Purple Finches
C all of the above
A true
B false
A true
B false
A use only pure suet
B serve suet with mixed seed
C mix suet and peanut butter
A mixing with a high ratio of other ingredients
B mixing with peanut butter
C heating and cooling twice during preparation
A butter
B beef fat
C pork fat
A the process by which fat is melted, strained and cooled
B refers to the way in which the animal is killed
C term used for the type of suet feeder used
A for bird seed
B in the early 1900's for hard beef suet
C for a large stone used as a perch by wild birds
A peanut butter
B hulled sunflower seeds
C meat
A it is a treat like candy
B it adds variety to their diet
C it is a jam packed source of energy

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