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See my best choices for feeders near the bottom of this page.

What types of wild bird feeders should be in your garden?

To attract many different birds to your backyard serve the food they like to eat and learn which style of feeder is best for the food and the birds.

If you are new to attracting birds to your outdoor space then you may find the first link a good place to start.

Then come back here and learn about the details of different types of feeders.

Further down this page there is information on the care, placement of wild bird feeders and much more.

Enjoy the journey!

  • How To Choose The Right Bird Feeder  How to choose the right and best bird feeder when you are starting out bird feeding can be difficult. Here is a guide to help you make the best choices.
  • Squirrel Buster Plus Review  Squirrel Buster Plus review will provide good reasons why this feeder will be the answer to many of the problems experienced while feeding wild birds outdoors.

  • Angel Bird Feeder  Angel bird feeders and angel bird baths add cuteness to any bird garden and offer a decorative way to provide bird food and a place for wild birds to drink and bathe.
  • Platform feeders are often referred to as tray feeders, table feeders or fly thru feeders. They are appropriately named "fly thru" because they are open allowing the birds to fly in, grab what they like and go.
  • Fly Thru Feeder  Are really a style of platform feeder with a roof, allowing open spaces for birds to get what they want quick.

fly-thru-feederFly-thru Feeder, Platform Feeder, Tray Feeder or Table Feeder Offer Grab & Go Eating For Birds

  • Ground Bird Feeder - A ground birdfeeder can be simply a patch of ground scattered with seed. But using a well-designed ground feeder will save your seed from waste.
  • Hummingbird Feeders - There is more effort in maintaining a nectar feeder than a seed feeder, but it is far less expensive to fill and very rewarding.

  • Hopper, Gazebo or Chalet Feeders are often the first feeder purchased by individuals wanting to attract wild birds to their backyard.

chickadee-at-chalet-feederChalet Feeder, Hopper Feeder or Gazebo Feeder Protect The Seed From Weather Elements

  • Bluebird Feeder - The wriggly morsels that are placed in Bluebird feeders do have charming ways, not only for Bluebirds but many other species too.
  • Tube Feeders - This type of feeder can be used to attract smaller specific types of birds. They also serve as a deterrent for birds which are considered pests.

tube-bird-feederTube Bird Feeders Are Loved By Small Birds

  • Thistle Feeders and thistle seed are just what the “bird” doctor ordered if you want to attract Goldfinches to your yard.
  • Window Feeders are an exciting way to draw backyard birds up close for a good look at their beauty and behaviour.
  • Suet Feeders are a fantastic energy source for wild birds keeping them warm in winter and giving them the fuel they need for activities like territorial defence, mating, raising young.

suet-bird-feederSuet Bird Feeders Attract Woodpeckers, Nuthatches And Many Other Types Of Wild Birds

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All About Bird Feeders

There is much more to know once you have chosen the types of wild bird feeders to hang up.

Where to place them will often determine how many birds you will have.

Keeping your feeders fresh by washing them will be influenced by the seasonal temperatures and the number of birds that stop at the feeder.

Will they need to be removed to storage during different seasons?

These are just a few things you might be asking yourself.

Keep reading and click on the links to get details about each topic below, which all address how to look after wild bird feeders.

  • How to Clean Seed Feeders When we make the decision to draw wild birds to our backyards with feeders, baths or houses we also, whether we first realize it or not, must be committed to keeping them clean.

goldfinch-at-winter-feederBird Feeders Should Be Washed In Winter Too
Just not As Often As In Summer

  • Where To Place Bird Feeders? It will take some experimenting on your part to find the best location for your feeder in your own backyard. Here are some tips. 
  • When To Take Down? Many people are concerned if they leave their feeders up in the autumn that wild birds will not migrate. Find out the truth.
  • We're Moving!? How to plan for a move from your home where you feed backyard birds without causing your bird feeder visitors undue stress? 
  • Solve Bird Feeding Problems Discover safe solutions to 19 backyard bird feeding problems that can arise from time to time. Don't put up with annoyances when there are fixes. 
  • Bird Feeder Plans Enjoy homemade bird feeder plans that other site visitors have shared. And please feel invited to share your plans with everyone with photos too if you have them.
  • How to Feed Finches? Feeding Finches of all varieties is very rewarding. Find out what they like to eat and the best feeders to use.


american-goldfinchesA Pair Of American Goldfinches
Eating Nyjer Seed

  • Take the Bird Feeder Quiz We can learn so much from taking quizzes that test our knowledge. You may be surprised at how much you know and have fun doing it too.
  • Bird Feeders FAQ Check out what other bird watchers are curious about and discover the answers to questions that are often very common among backyard birders. Throw your helpful ideas in too.

I hope this page about wild bird feeders has been helpful and if you have any questions please ask them here:

Bird Feeders FAQ

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