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How To Choose the Best Wild Bird Feeders?

Wild bird feeders will attract a variety of feathered friends when they are filled with an assortment of bird seed suited for their style of feeding.

Just as each type of bird food needs a particular style of bird feeder.

Let me explain further.

A Goldfinch feeder or thistle feeder which most often is a tube feeder, is only useful when filled with thistle/nyjer seed. The feeding ports in this style of feeder are very small because the seed is very tiny.

If you were to place this seed in another type of seed feeder the seed would all blow away.

Also not all birds like thistle seed, nor can very many eat from this style of feeder as it is only suitable for small birds like Finches and Chickadees. These small birds can eat with their heads turned sideways or facing forward as well as upside-down! Anyway at all is easy for these birds to manage.

Other birds are not nearly as flexible in their eating habits and have very specific preferences for the way they eat.

Cardinals for instance prefer to sit facing their food and their favourite seed is black oil sunflower seed and safflower seed running a close second.

A Cardinal is too large to eat from a thistle feeder, they don't like to have their head turned to the side when they eat and they are not fond of thistle seed.

So it is important to know what feeders will attract which wild birds and what is the appropriate seed to fill the feeder.

What Types Should Be In Your Garden?

Setting out a backyard that provides an array of tastes and feeding venues will result in less competition for food and dining spots. This will allow for a happily populated bird habitat in your backyard.

Usually I have about a dozen feeders out at one time. This largely depends on the season and how much time I have to look after them.

This number of feeders spread around the yard seems to provide the needs of all my visitors. I have known people who have far more! But don’t be intimated by this.

Different Styles of Bird Feeders are Available for Purchase on Their Individual Pages in the Column to the Right -->

I started out with only one feeder for years. If that’s all you think you want, go for it! You will definitely enjoy each one of your visitors!

Remember sometimes when I look out in my yard I only see one bird at my feeders.

There seems to be no end to the types of feeders available! Good companies provide a wide variety of bird supplies.

Tips for Choosing a Wild Bird Feeder

Let’s explore the types of bird feeders for backyard birds.

    1. What type of bird you want to visit your yard.

    2. What type of feeder will attract those wild birds.

    3. Not all birds are able to eat from all feeders.

    4. Most birds have a feeding style and food preference.

    5. How often does a feeder need to be refilled? Size is a consideration.

6. Climate will sometimes dictate what type of feeder is appropriate.

7. Ease of cleaning is another factor in the choice of a feeder.

8. Aesthetics are important for some people.

9. Pests of all shapes and sizes will play a part in the selection.

10. Viewing area – at the back of the yard or a window feeder.

11. The number of feeders one wants to have and take care of.

12. Price of the feeder to purchase and the cost to fill it.

Wild Bird Feeders For All Types Of Bird Food & The Wild Birds Who Love It!

What Are My Favourites?

We have four distinct seasons where we live. As I mentioned earlier the time of year plays a big factor in which type of wild bird feeders I use and my time.

But just simply trying a new bird seed feeder is so much fun!

Choosing favourite types of wild bird feeders is hard for me because I am so passionate about my hobby and I like so many.

But these are my favourites! (I will tell you why on their individual pages.)

  • Peanut-N-Shell feeders

Watch the birds at these feeders and see how easy it is for them to eat when provided a variety of feeders suitable for their style of feeding.

Discover More About the Different Types of Feeders Below & In Sidebar Further Up

  • Bluebird Feeder - The wriggly morsels that are placed in Bluebird feeders do have charming ways, not only for Bluebirds but many other species too.
  • Tube Feeders - This type of feeder can be used to attract smaller specific types of birds. They also serve as a deterrent for birds which are considered pests

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