Suet Bird Feeders Offer Birds a Hardy Food Full of Energy

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Suet bird feeders come in many shapes and sizes.

They are designed to hold the piece of suet so that it is accessible for the birds to eat without wasting it.

Suet holders are usually a cage of some sort and can be any shape or size.

Suet offers energy-rich nutrition with its high-fat content.

Female Downy Woodpecker at a suet bird feederFemale Downy Woodpecker

7 Reasons Why Wild Birds Need Suet Bird Feeders?

Wild birds are engaged in many energy taxing activities throughout the year:

1.  Many birds migrate twice per year which takes an astounding amount of energy to complete.

2.  And those species which stay behind must deal with finding food all day and freezing temperatures during the night.

3.  In the spring in order to perpetuate their species, they must stake out a territory and then defend it.

4.  A mate must be found who they deem suitable for the job. They undertake tasks like special dances and feeding one’s potential partner.

5.  Right away after the nuptials have been completed, a nest is constructed sometimes taking a week or more of constant construction.

6.  Then sitting on eggs through all kinds of weather.

7.  When the babies are born and the hard labor of finding enough food for the growing family, continues until they leave the nest.

Many wild birds will indulge themselves from your suet bird feeders during these taxing life events giving them the extra boost they need and also feed it to their young.

Male Downy Woodpecker At Suet Cage FeederMale Downy Woodpecker At Suet Cage Feeder

List of  Suet Feeder Styles

  • Simple flat box-shaped, wire suet cage with a plastic coating is
    very common and inexpensive like the ones in the pictures on this page. They hold a suet cake sold in many wild
    bird stores. Some are double size to hold two cakes.
  • Spread suet on branches or trunk of trees.
  • Suet can be stuffed into holes in a tree or post.
  • Suet can be worked into the holes of a feeder log. (A chunk of log not too thick, that has been drilled at intervals and hung up for the wild birds; is natural-looking and great fun.) See directions here.
  • Mesh bags also serve as good suet feeders.
  • Crumble suet onto a tray, table, or platform feeder.

mesh suet ball holderMesh Bags Are a Perfect Homemade
Suet Bird Feeder

Suet Feeders ~ My Top Picks

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A good selection of Suet Logs & Suet Plugs available here.

7 Handy Suet Holder Containers From the Home

  • Melon shells
  • Eggshells
  • Coconut shells
  • Ice cream cones
  • Hard taco shells
  • Baked tart or pie shells
  • Cup-shaped fruit rind from oranges or grapefruit

3. Best Seed Choice for This Feeder

Beef fat alone can be used or mixed with other fats or peanut butter. These bird foods are the glue for other ingredients that can be mixed in.

Please go to recipes for suet for a comprehensive list of foods that can be added to suet for tasty bird meals.

4. Positive Features of Feeding Suet to Our Feathered Friends

  1. Suet bird feeders will attract birds that will not come to other types of feeders.
  2. Suet bird food can be offered all year with proper preparation techniques and by placing suet bird feeders in the shade during warm weather. Summer suet can also be purchased at birdseed suppliers.
  3. Bird suet does not have to be protected from the elements like a seed.

5. What Problems Can Arise From Suet Feeding?

  • Suet bird feeders must be washed and disinfected more often in warmer weather.
  • Suet can become rancid in warm weather. (See Suet Bird Food for solutions to this problem.)
  • Some people are concerned that birds can get their feet caught in the mesh of onion bags when used as a suet feeder. This is not a common occurrence and has rarely been reported. It should not prevent the use of mesh bags for bird feeding.
  • Keeping suet out of the reach of certain animals or birds can take some effort.
  • Suet as other bird food can attract rats and mice. Discover the perfect solution to this problem.

Starlings or Blackbirds (Grackles) can be a particularly persistent, aggravating problem for suet feeding. A group of these birds can clean a suet feeder out very quickly. Put out a fresh supply of suet and come back fifteen minutes later and it’s gone!

How to Stop Blackbirds & Starlings From Eating Suet Cakes Too Quickly?

    1. Use pure suet with nothing mixed into it, as they tend not to like plain suet.
    2. Use suet only mixed with nyjer, and or safflower seed. (Seeds they are not fond of.)
    3. Stop offering suet for a period of time, such as two weeks, then try again. Hopefully, the unwanted visitors will have moved on.
    4. Use an upside-down feeder specially adapted for holding suet. Only clinging birds are able to use this type
      of feeders, such as Chickadees, Nuthatches, and Woodpeckers.

      pileated woodpecker at suet cage feederSuet Bird Food Is A Good Way To
      Attract Pileated Woodpeckers

      6. User Opinions About Suet Holders

      Anyone who begins using suet bird food for the first time is always delighted with the results. People who feed the birds suet rave at the wide variety and number of wild birds that visit their suet bird feeders.

      Many species of birds, especially insect-eating species, will rarely come to a regular seed feeder. But they will sit in the trees waiting for their turn at a suet feeder.

      7. List Of Birds Attracted To A Suet Holder

      Suet will draw birds you will not see with any other type of feeder:

        • Hairy Woodpecker
        • Downy Woodpecker
        • Red-bellied Woodpecker
        • Northern Flicker
        • Pileated Woodpecker
        • Three Toed Woodpecker
        • Black-backed Woodpecker
        • Black-capped Chickadee
        • Boreal Chickadee
        • Carolina Chickadee
        • Red-breasted Nuthatch
        • White-breasted Nuthatch
        • Purple Finch
        • Tufted Titmouse
        • Carolina Wren
        • Blue Jay
        • Gray Jay
        • Black-billed Magpie
        • American Crow
        • Common Raven
        • StarlingCommon Grackle (Blackbird)

          suet feeder with red-bellied woodpeckerRed-bellied Woodpecker
          Eating Suet

          The following list of bird species can be observed eating suet from time to time.

              • Brown Creeper
              • Cardinal
              • Golden-crowned Kinglet
              • Dark-eyed Junco
              • Northern Shrike
              • White-winged Crossbill
              • Other types of Finches

          What’s That Bird at Your Suet Feeder?

          Learn More About Suet

            • Share Your Bird Feeder Plans Please submit your ideas, even if you wouldn’t consider yourself “handy” or talented, but have come up with an interesting way to feed your feathered friends that works. If not, then enjoy what others have shared.
            • Woodpecker Feeder Plan 1 A great, simple to make suet feeder that doesn’t take woodworking skills or expensive woodworking tools to make it.
            • Woodpecker Feeder Plan 2 Many types of wild birds will use this Woodpecker Feeder, besides the Woodpeckers, such as Chickadees and Nuthatches. You can also purchase suet plugs to fill it or stuff it with your own filling. Have a look.

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