Baffle Squirrels To Keep Them From Eating All Your Seed

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Can You Really “Baffle” the Squirrels?!?!?!

Of all the bird feeding problems that can arise, Squirrels are often the one that is the most difficult to deal with.

baffle squirrels

Squirrels will eat volumes of seed, damage feeders, and eat bird eggs, or baby birds, if they are allowed to do what they want uninhibited.

So include bird houses as part of your plan to “baffle” squirrels.

How to Baffle Squirrels?

Baffle squirrels with “baffles” that wrap around bird feeder poles under the feeders or hang above the feeder.

The baffles that are installed under the feeders on the pole will create a block to prevent the squirrels from climbing up the pole to reach the bird food.

But if your feeder pole is under a tree limb, the acrobatic little animals will simply drop down on the feeder from above.

Hanging a baffle above the feeder will stop the squirrels from landing on your feeder, but it must be wide enough to prevent them from grabbing onto the feeder on the way down.

raccoon-and-squirrel-baffleA Baffle Big Enough To Prevent Both Squirrels & Raccoons From Reaching The Bird Feeders

Here is a selection of baffles that work well.

Stop Squirrels With a Pole Mount Baffle Or Hanging Baffle Above


Large selection of different types of baffles here.

How to Make Homemade Baffles

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Then here are some suggestions on how to make your own baffle.

Materials which are very smooth, slippery, and extremely hard must be used when making homemade baffles.

Substances like rubber from vehicle tires, or plastic, no matter how hard, smooth or seemingly slippery it appears to be, will not stop a squirrel from climbing it or chewing it.

Use only metal such as steel, or tin.

When using a sheet of metal to make a baffle to wrap around a bird feeder pole, it must not have a seem which will serve as a toe hold for the squirrels.

The baffle will also need to be mounted loosely to provide movement when the squirrel tries to climb it, making it sway creating an insecure path for the squirrel to climb.

There are two styles of this type of squirrel baffle below that can be purchased that will show how they work.

Remember Slinkies?

How Can Slinkies Be Used to Baffle Squirrels?

There is another creative way to use the old classic toy called the slinky.

Use it like any other baffle on the pole holding a bird feeder.

Someone came up with the idea of slipping a slinky over their bird feeder pole.

Then attaching one end of the slinky to the top of the pole, and allowing it to fall  down encasing the pole.

This makes it very difficult for Squirrels to navigate their way to the top of the pole where the feeders are sitting.

How to Attach a Slinky to a Bird Feeder Pole?

So, baffle squirrels and enjoy your birds.

But if these solutions do not work for your situation then see below for other ways you can stop squirrels from ruining your bird watching fun.

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