Bird Cam – Opens Up A New Wonderful World Of Backyard Birding

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4 Top Bird Cams
To Capture Secrets Of Birdlife

A bird cam will open up a whole new world of bird behavior for you and your family to discover.

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Have you ever wondered what goes on at your feeders when you are not looking?

Do you wonder if different types of birds you never see at your feeders are actually visiting, but you are not looking when they are there?

Are you curious about all the activity that goes on in your birdhouse?

Adults and children will love the intimate look they will have into the lives of backyard birds, that a bird cam can uncover.

It will instill a love of birdlife which will last a lifetime and possibly create a fulfilling career for your youngsters.

Everyone will benefit from this added knowledge and enjoyment!

10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Bird Cam

1.    What do you want to view? Bird traffic at a bird feeder, the life of a bird from egg to fledgling or discover the thief that is drinking your hummingbird nectar at night?

2.    Will the wildlife camera you need, be outside in the weather or tucked inside a birdhouse or feeder?

3.    Will the type of camera you need to require an electrical outlet?  Will a longer extension cord be required?

4.    Would a camera that is completely capable of recording and viewing without cables, have the ability to transmit the signal to where you want to receive it?

5.    Will the camera you purchase need to have night vision capabilities?

6.    Will you view the whole recording to find the action or will the camera you purchase need to have motion activation?

7.    Some cameras operate quietly and others may click, possibly scaring wildlife away, will this be a concern?

8.    Will the bird cam have a good quality picture?

9.    Will it record sound?

10.  How much do you want to spend?

Trail Cameras Are Well Suited For Backyard Viewing

Trail cameras work well for backyard viewing of birds and often come equipped with many features.

Here is a list of features you may or may not require:

  • temperature reading
  • timestamp (most cameras of any kind have this feature)
  • weatherproof
  • fast trigger speed
  • night vision
  • motion sensor
  • picture resolution
  • various trigger speeds and distance
  • recovery time (meaning how quickly can a second picture be taken)
  • different types of memory (how much) and batteries (how long-lasting)

Don’t be too overwhelmed by some of these factors as trail cameras are meant to be set up in the wild and are not usually made with the convenience of backyard use next to home.

Therefore some of the features listed above will not be of great concern for backyard purposes (depending of course on how large your outdoor space is).

One more thought, trail cameras have come down in price considerably over the years, so it will be very possible to find one regardless of how small your budget may be.

4 Best Bird Cams

Foxelli Trail Camera


– sharp and vibrant photos

– 1080P Full HD clear videos

– sound up to 10 minutes long

– wide-angle lens

– 2.4” LCD color monitor

– 8-month standby mode

– strap for easy mounting

– weather-resistant for all types of weather

– easy operation

– Foxelli offers a 120-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee with a One Year Warranty.

– 2.6 x 3.8 x 5.5 inches

– 1.2 pounds

– economically priced


– 4 or 8 AA batteries (not included)

– micro SD card up to 32GB (not included)

– not the best keypad

– time and date stamp too small

– uses micro SD cards which are very tiny to use and impossible with gloves on

– no security box

– sound can be a problem

– some say night pictures are grainy

Takes stunning daytime photos that are vivid, with sharp color and detailed black & white shots at night.

Stealth Cam G42NG No-Glow Trail Game Camera


– low light performance

– 42 “BLACK” IR Emitters/100ft range

– burst Mode 1-9 images per triggering

– backlit menu programming

– manual shot capability

– built-in SD Card slot up to 32GB

– secure lock password protection

– high-quality 10MP pictures

– 5 to 180-second of HD videos with audio

– fast setup

– preprogrammed or manual modes

– time, date, moon phase, temperature and name stamps

– external power jack for 12-volt battery

– 5-1/2″H x 4″W x 2-1/2″D

– 1.4 pounds

– moderately priced


– 8 AA batteries (not included)

– SD card not included

– the camera is supported by 2 brands of cards- SanDisk & PNY, NO Micro cards are supported by the camera, but this info is not in instructions

– customer service not always helpful

This device comes packed with features!

Campark Trail Camera


– 14 megapixel crystal images

– full HD 1080P videos

– 0.3s trigger speed

– trigger distance is up to 20m(65ft)

– 3 passive infrared sensors

– excellent sensitivity and night vision

– 42 pcs upgraded infrared LEDs

– no bright flash

– 120° wide-angle lens

– waterproof and sturdy

– strap included

– easy to operate and mount

– 45-day money-back guaranty

– 12-month warranty

– professional after-sale service within 24 hours

– 8 x 5 x 3.5 inches

– 1.1 pounds


– micro SD card not included

– 8 AA batteries are not Included

You can easily see the vivid world of wildlife with this trail/bird cam!

Bird Cam For Bird House Viewing

This is a wonderful way to learn what goes on in the birdhouses in your yard.

Or it could be set up at one of your feeders if you build a shelter for the camera.

One of the benefits of purchasing a bird cam specifically made for a birdhouse is its size, for it requires the camera to be small in order to fit in the bird home and not disturb the family inside.

On the other side of this benefit is that setting up a bird cam in a birdhouse or inside a feeder will require some effort and time.

Birdhouse Spy Cam
Hawk-Eye Wireless Spy Camera


– bird cam connects to any TV or video compatible computer

– with a 75 foot detachable AV/power cable, giving you live, 24/7 real-time viewing

– color is vivid, but inside a birdhouse will look muted

– serves as a trail camera too

– this is a live streaming device

– 700 tvl (television lines)

– 10 infrared diodes for unsurpassed night vision

– variable focus

– wide-angle lens

– crystal clear microphone

– 7.2 x 6 x 3.6 inches

– 3.05 pounds

– record to any device that accepts video input


– does not take pictures

– it is not waterproof

The manufacturer points out this:

  1. Please note, there is no such thing as a totally “wireless” camera.
  2. All cameras still need electrical power and so some type of power cable must be run to it.
  3. Once plugged in and operating, it will transmit the audio and video signals wirelessly to a receiver.

Once the camera is set up viewing is very good.

Reviewers are very happy with the picture quality.

Note that the camera requires protection from moisture.

This is a very good bird cam for viewing inside secret bird places.

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