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Ice Bowl Feeder

ice bowl feederIce Bowl Feeder Enjoyed
By A Female Northern Cardinal

Wild birds winter ice bowl feeder is just for fun.

A new way for backyard bird watchers to enjoy watching their birds at a very different type of bird feeder.

A diy, homemade, creative, creation.

A Free Bird Feeder Plan

Instructions coming soon on how to make this unique bird feeder!

Bonus 7 Part Series

Hummingbirds "The Jewelled Warriors"

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Bird Feeder Plans

  1. Free DIY Windowsill Bird Feeder  There are many different ways to make a windowsill or bird feeding shelf. Here is one that is easy and straight forward.
  1. Ice Bowl Feeder A unique way to feed wild birds during the long cold winter season. It will bring interest and flair to your bird feeding fun!
  1. Woodpecker Feeder Plan 1 A great, simple to make suet feeder that doesn’t take woodworking skills or expensive woodworking tools to make it.
  1. Woodpecker Feeder Plan 2 Many types of wild birds will use this Woodpecker Feeder, besides the Woodpeckers, such as Chickadees and Nuthatches. You can also purchase suet plugs to fill it or stuff it with your own filling. Have a look.
  1. Bird Feeder Plans Enjoy homemade bird feeder plans that other site visitors have shared. And please feel invited to share your plans with everyone with photos too if you have them.

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