Suet For the Woodpeckers

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Suet For the Woodpeckers

by Crysta

(Kitchener, Ontario)

George's Suet Feeder

George’s Suet Feeder

George’s Suet Feeder for the Woodpeckers

My elderly neighbor just loves to putter around making things for his garden and the wild birds.

He made a suet feeder for the birds that works so well and holds quite a good size suet ball.

The Woodpeckers just love it, especially Downy Woodpeckers and Hairy Woodpeckers and so do a lot of other birds like Red-breasted Nuthatches, White-breasted Nuthatches and Chickadees.

I don’t have a camera right now so I drew a picture the best I can.

I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. But should say that the suet is held in by screening which has fairly large holes, not the tiny ones.

The screen is stapled to the board all around the edges to secure it. The screen should not be flat but cut large enough to allow it to bulge out in order to hold a cake of suet.

The lid is also necessary as the squirrels will just cart the suet away or eat it up in short order if left open.

The lid is just a thin piece of wood attached by 2 hinges to the board. It is made large enough to overhang the screen suet holder. It could be made from a piece of metal or plastic too. I think hinges would work for attaching these two different roof materials just as well.

The lid is secured in the front with a hook which simply just fits through the screen. This will hold down the lid. Otherwise, the squirrels will just lift the lid and steal the suet cake.

There could be many ways to hang this type of feeder.

It could be screwed or simply nailed to a post or tree trunk. If it was secured to a post a baffle could be placed around the post under the suet feeder to prevent the squirrels from getting into it.

I saw another one he made for someone elsewhere he drilled a hole into the board about an inch from the top. Then he placed a nylon string through it, tied the string in a knot that made a loop. Then the loop could be placed over a nail or tree branch to hang the feeder.

The one I drew has 2 eyelet screws inserted into the top of the board with the ends of a wire strung through each eyelet and twisted securely. Then he hung it on a bird feeder hook in his yard.

I hope this is OK with what you are looking for?

I think home made has such a great attraction for humans and birds.

What a great suet feeder! Thank you so much Crysta for sharing this with us!

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