Hanging Suet Feeder

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Hanging Suet Feeder

Hanging Suet Feeder

Hanging Suet Feeder

Recently, while on vacation, I saw a suet feeder hanging high up from the deck of a condo.

I had never seen one exactly like it and started searching the internet but cannot find one.

It may be homemade.

Was wondering if you have ever seen one like it anywhere?


No I have not seen one exactly like this one before.

I agree that I think it is at least partially homemade.

It looks like a cage feeder that someone has attached a flat piece of the grill to one end, possibly to allow more birds to eat from it who are not good at clinging.

The cage looks like it could be a double size suet cage feeder or a seed block feeder that are sold in a large size like this one.

There is a selection of suet feeders here if you scroll down the page Hanging Suet Feeders.

Thank you for asking!

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