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Woodpecker Feeder

by Jim
(New Brunswick )

Suet Log for Woodpeckers & Songbirds

A Woodpecker Feeder that is really simple and it has been working for some time:

    1. I picked up a piece of wood 2 X 4 inches and about 16 inches long. (A thick branch 4 inches wide would also be suitable.)

    2. With a drill and a spade bit that is 1 inch wide.

    3. Drill a hole on the flat side of the 2 X 4 near the top all the way through.

    4. Next, about 6 inches below the first hole drill another hole.

    5. Continue on until your last hole is 4 inches from the bottom of the 2x4.

    6. I then took the table saw and made straight (well somewhat strait lines) under each hole about a 1/16 inch deep, the width of a blade (jigsaw or skill saw works too). This enables the wild birds to grip the wood easier while they are feeding. (You could also just score the surface under each hole with a sharpe tool or ruff up the area with sand paper.

    7. On the end of the 2 X 4 put a screw with a hole and tie a rope to it and hang it somewhere.

    My suet is from Walmart in a round form called a "suet plug" that slides in there or you can use cheap crunchy peanut butter.

This feeder works better than the one I bought.

Thank you Jim!

I have seen other various versions of this type of feeder. I really like your design.

If you are able to take a picture I would love to post it for everyone to see.

Many other wild birds will use this Woodpecker Feeder such as Chickadees and Nuthatches.

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Woodpeckers are Easy to Attract to Feeders
by: Judy

Hi Melina

Yes, give it a try. Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers are very easy to attract. They both adore suet and peanuts in shell or shelled. Good luck!

Happy birding

by: melina

I was not aware of the woodpecker feeder. I tried a lot in attracting the small birds. But after several attempts I won with my hard work. But woodpecker maybe I can win that to. Let me try with your suggestions.

Like Your Bird Feeder Plans
by: Bobbi-Jo

Thank you for the plans. These are simple enough that I think with a little help from my Grandad I could make them.

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