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Hummingbirds Emptying Feeder Too Fast

by Victor
(Atlanta, GA)

Male and Female Ruby Throats Chatting at Dinner

Male and Female Ruby Throats Chatting at Dinner

What Can Be Done About Hummingbirds Emptying Feeder Too Fast?

I have a Hummingbird feeder in my backyard. I believe that I am currently feeding at least three birds. They are going through a lot of food (about 20oz every two to three days). Should I change up the mixture? (feeding a concentrate with water added) adding more concentrate.

Hi Victor

Thank you for asking!

It is great that you have such wonderful activity going on around your feeders!

Their busy lives keep us pretty busy looking after the feeding stations we put out for them.

It is possible that something else is drinking the nectar from your feeders. It could be a songbird such as a finch or oriole.

It is very important to use the correct mixture ratio. Follow the directions on the mixture package you are using.

You should never add fresh nectar to what is in the bottles now. When the feeders need refilling you should wash them and rinse them well.

Then refill with fresh nectar mixture.

And never mix it stronger than the directions on your package.

Or if you are making your own Hummingbird food follow a 1 to 4 ratio. One part white sugar to 4 parts water. A stronger mix can cause liver damage in Hummingbirds. And none of us want to do that.

You can boil the water first before adding the sugar. But you do not have to. Just make sure the homemade nectar is cooled down before re-filling the bottle if you do boil it or this could cause the feeder to leak.

Tightening the feeder too much can also cause leaking. Stop when you feel the threads catch. It's hard to do, I know, our tendency is to want to make sure the feeder is good and tight, but tightening too much pushes it past the threads and leaves openings.

If the temperatures are very hot where you are living right now then you will have to change the nectar more often. Everyday possibly to prevent mold developing and risking the Hummingbirds getting sick. Here is a little help on cleaning.

The young birds should be out soon if not already in your area and you will want your feeders clean and fresh for their arrival. Some females can raise 2 to 3 broods in one summer in the more southerly regions of North America.

So you could be very busy all summer! ;D

There is more information on the page I have included below that you may find helpful. There are close to twenty pages of information on my website about Hummingbirds. Just check out the right had column and the bottom of the following page for links. Hummingbird Food

Hope this helps. Happy Humming!

Kind regards

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