Balcony Hummingbird Feeders Will Attract Wild Birds to Enjoy

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Michael from Asheville, NC asked this question, “Will Balcony Hummingbird Feeders Attract Wild Birds?

I am moving to a 4th floor apartment which has a balcony. Will Hummingbirds use a feeder that high off the ground?

balcony hummingbird feeders
Balcony Hummingbird Feeders With Seed Feeders Attract A Variety Of Birds

Michael from Asheville, NC asked this question, “Will Balcony Hummingbird Feeders Attract Wild Birds?

I am moving to a 4th-floor apartment which has a balcony. Will Hummingbirds use a feeder that high off the ground?

The Answer to Your Question is, Yes!

Hi Michael

1. Yes they will. You may have to work a little to get their attention first though.1

Here is a list of things you can do to attract Hummers to your balcony:

2. Hang flowering plants close to your feeder. 

Tube style blossoms like a fuchsia work well. 

The plants will also supply spiders and other bugs to help round out the Hummers diet.

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fuchsia attract hummingbirds
Hummers Love Fuchsia

3. Hanging artificial flowers will have the same effect for attracting wild birds if you do not want to use real flowers.

flowers attract hummingbirds to balconies
A Basket of Bright Flowers Attract Hummingbirds To Balconies

4. Red is a good color to attract Hummingbirds along with a few other colors like orange and yellow. All bright colors will attract them but these three have been proven to be most effective.

5. Tying bright colored ribbon to your balcony will also provide the attraction factor.

6. Providing the sound of water will draw wild birds in like a magnet. 

Wild birds love water! 

If you set up a bird bath on your balcony with a mister or a dripper the Hummingbirds may delight you with aerial bathing swoops!

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Quick Facts

Hummingbirds may not fly as high as some other migrating birds, such as the Canada Goose which flies between 2,000 to 8,000 feet high.

But they usually fly just above the treetops when migrating, but some hot-air balloonists have reported seeing Hummers at 500 feet.

A picture of some balcony flowers
Bright Colours Will Draw Hummers to a Balcony

Once you have successfully attracted one Hummingbird, then your battle is over, others will soon follow. 

And if you are faithful to hang your balcony hummingbird feeders every year, the birds will not disappoint you

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Learn About Feeding Birds On Balconies With Seed Feeders

Comments for Balcony Hummingbird Feeders

Yes they will come!!  by: Anonymous 

I live on the 21st floor of a highrise in the middle of the city of St Louis and have a small red glass feeder on the East side of the building & provide homemade food (1/3 sugar: 2/3 water) … no other flowers/plants/etc were necessary to attact them and for 2 years they have been feeding from my balcony all summer long. 

My friends are amazed they will come up so high to feed. 

Great Fun Watching them! 

So yes.. they will visit a balcony! LOL

Hummers that don’t share with others – from Ellen

On my Mom’s balcony one little guy runs everyone off. 

What to do?

Feisty Hummingbirds 

Hi Ellen,

This is a very typical Hummingbird behavior. 

They are very feisty creatures and sharing quietly at feeders together is just not part of their makeup!

Hummingbirds will fight for the sole use of a feeder.

You could hang another feeder at the other end of the balcony. 

This will not stop them from protecting the feeder they want but may give others more opportunity to feed.

The more syrup feeders that are available will make it difficult for one to dominate

Happy birding!

Hummingbird Feeders  by: Cane 

The balcony hummingbird feeder design posted on the webpage is very interesting. 

I have many wild birds and some of the feeders posted on the website are great and very efficient. 

I have tried some of them. Keep up the good work! 

Thank you Cane!

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