Woodpeckers In New Jersey: 7 Species To Be Spotted

Woodpeckers In New Jersey

Even though New Jersey is the most densely populated state in America, it still houses a fairly diverse birdlife — which makes sense, considering it’s commonly known as the Garden State!  In this post, we’ll zoom in on all woodpeckers in New Jersey. You’ll find out about their appearance, behavior, seasonality, and more. Without further … Read more

Woodpeckers In New Mexico: 9 Species To Search For

Woodpeckers In New Mexico

With more than 16.7 million acres of forest land, New Mexico is home to about 540 bird species, ranking fourth after California, Texas, and Arizona. Such diversity makes it one of the best destinations for avid bird-watchers. In this article, we’ll focus on all of the woodpeckers to be spotted in the Land of Enchantment. … Read more

Woodpeckers In New Hampshire: 9 Can’t-Miss Species

Woodpeckers In New Hampshire

With more than 4.8 million acres of forest land, New Hampshire is the second most forested state in the United States. We definitely love seeing its mesmerizing vistas of fall foliage, especially around the Great North Woods.  While gazing upon these trees, you’re bound to notice one or two woodpeckers drumming at the bark to … Read more

Woodpeckers In North Dakota: 6 Must-See Species

Woodpeckers In North Dakota

North Dakota amazes tourists of all nations with its geography, agriculture, and wildlife. Among roaming buffalo, jumping antelopes, and serene deer, woodpeckers fly and occasionally swoop down to greet its many citizens and visitors. In this article, we’ll discuss all the known woodpeckers in North Dakota, how you can identify them, and where you’re likely … Read more

Woodpeckers In Michigan: 8 Species You Can’t-Miss

Woodpeckers in Michigan

The great state of Michigan is full of pine forests, woodland swamps, and other spots like these that are perfect habitats for woodpeckers. Even public parks like Old Mission Lighthouse Park, Sleepy Hollow State Park, and Lincoln Brick Park are excellent spots for woodpecker watching, especially if you’re hoping to see the red-headed woodpecker.  In … Read more

Woodpeckers In Mississippi: 8 Species You’ll Want To Look For

Woodpeckers in Mississippi

According to the Mississippi Ornithological Society, Mississippi is home to over 400 species of birds. Some of those species are all-year residents, while others are mere migrating visitors.  When it comes to woodpeckers, Mississippi’s varied nature makes it suitable for a diverse variety of woodpecker species. From flat open woodlands, pinelands, and savannahs to swamps … Read more

Woodpeckers in Maryland: 8 Species You Must-See

Woodpeckers in Maryland

Once nominated as the fifth greenest state in the country, Maryland embraces a score of woodlands. It’s got the habitat, so for sure it’ll have the inhabitants. What more beautiful inhabitants of woodlands are there than woodpeckers?! Woodpeckers aren’t the type of birds that are human-shy. They hang around populated areas rather comfortably. Thanks to … Read more