Woodpecker Feeder

Woodpecker Feeder by Jim (New Brunswick ) Suet Log for Woodpeckers & Songbirds A Woodpecker Feeder that is really simple and it has been working for some time: 1. I picked up a piece of wood 2 X 4 inches and about 16 inches long. (A thick branch 4 inches wide would also be suitable.) … Read more

Wild Bird Shelters

Wild Bird Shelters Rustic Bluebird House by Marcy (northern Virginia) Question: Would Birdhouse Feeder Plans Work? I would like to build a gazebo-type wild bird shelter (4 sided) to shelter both the birds and the bird food. I especially want it in the winter during the really cold and wet, snowy weather. (We live in … Read more

Wild Bird Rescue – Whooping Crane

Wild Bird Rescue – Whooping Crane by Betty Bardswich (Mindemoya, Manitoulin Island, Ontario) We are heartbroken here on Manitoulin Island to learn that someone shot and killed a two-year-old whooping crane. The federal government has stepped in to assist with the investigation and we pray that the person who committed this monstrous act will be … Read more

Wild Bird Rescue – Coopers Hawk

Wild Bird Rescue – Coopers Hawk by Lynda Horn (Arkansas) Immature Cooper’s Hawk I have a pair of nesting Coopers’ hawks in my neighborhood. In February my son and I were in the living room when we heard a tremendous thud against our glass door. We have had birds slam into our front window before, … Read more