Birds In Minnesota: 25 Species In This Rural State

Birds in Minnesota

The State of Minnesota is located in the upper Midwest, taking up a considerable part of the Great Lakes Region. It shares borders with Canada, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, and Iowa. Most of this area is covered with woodlands, freshwater bodies, and prairies.  Even though Wisconsin is one of the most metropolitan states and … Read more

Birds In Idaho: 25 Species That Are Easy To Spot

Birds In Idaho

Idaho is a large state that’s located on the northwestern edge of the lower-48 states of the United States. Despite its spacious area, Idaho is among the least densely populated states. This leaves plenty of space for undisturbed wildlife to flourish.    There are around 300 animal species and 432 species of birds in Idaho. So … Read more

Birds In Georgia: 25 Amazing Species To Look Out For

Birds In Georgia 

Georgia is a populous state on the Southeastern edge of the United States. The Peach State also has vast areas that haven’t yet been altered by urban development. And that’s why it’s one of the best destinations to enjoy nature.   There are vast swamps in the south, the Appalachian mountains in the north, woodlands throughout … Read more

Birds In Florida: A List Of 26 Birds You Must See There! 

Birds In Florida

The state of sunshine has a famous pairing; beaches and birds. They go together perfectly and so should you!  With over 13,000 combined miles of coastline between the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, you can spend an unforgettable time in Florida visiting the beaches, islands, parks, historical stops, and even museums. But don’t … Read more

Birds In Connecticut: A Collection Of Magnificent Species

Birds In Connecticut

Despite being the third smallest state in the Union, the Constitution State boasts an impressive collection of birds. According to state records and the Connecticut Ornithological Association, 448 bird species that are accepted by the Avian Records Committee of Connecticut (ARCC) live in the state. Regardless of where you are, bird songs echo throughout the … Read more