Hummingbirds in New Mexico: 17 Must-See Charming Species

Hummingbirds In New Mexico

New Mexico is famous for its beautiful landscape with stunning deserts, pure snow-capped mountains, and outstanding national monuments. With its combination of European American, Native American, and Mexican heritage, this state is an extraordinary place for you to visit. There are seventeen species of hummingbirds known to soar around New Mexico each year. There are two periods … Read more

Hummingbirds in Illinois: 6 Species To Keep an Eye Out For

Hummingbirds In Illinois

Illinois is a midwestern state in the United States nicknamed the “Prairie State.” The state has beautiful forest areas, farmlands, wetlands, and rolling hills. Illinois’ beauty and charm are in the abundance of chatty birds roaming the air and perching on trees. According to the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee, the state officially recognizes 451 species … Read more

Hummingbirds in Indiana: 8 Tiny Bird Species To Sight For

Hummingbirds In Indiana

Indiana has a humid subtropical climate. The average summer high is 850F, and the winter low is 190F, while the average rainfall is 43 inches. These climatic conditions (along with the varying geological formations) create a range of habitats across the state, including deciduous forests, deserts, grasslands, and wetlands.   With all of these habitats, Indiana is … Read more

Hummingbirds in Virginia: 8 Different Species You Can Find in This State

hummingbirds in virginia

Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay and the Blue Ridge Mountains shape its climate and geography and provide habitation for much of its animal and plant life. If you had to travel this state from east to west, you would pass through five geographical areas: the Appalachian Ridge and Valley, The Blue Ridge, the Appalachian Plateau, Piedmont, and finally, … Read more