Birds In Oregon: 25 Species To Study In This State

Birds In Oregon

Oregon is known for its wild west past, but today, it’s a great attraction for nature lovers who like to watch and study its amazing birds. Almost half of the state is covered in forests, but you can explore many other habitats if you want to study birds in Oregon.  Currently, there are about 542 … Read more

Birds In Oklahoma: 27 Species In The Sooner State

Birds In Oklahoma

Geographically speaking, Oklahoma isn’t significantly large. However, the state is well-populated with some of the most interesting and diverse birds out there. According to the Oklahoma Ornithological Society’s Bird Records Committee (OBRC),  there are more than 480 recorded species of birds that you can find in the state. If you’re interested in learning more about … Read more

Birds In New York: 25 Species You’ll See In This State

Birds In New York

The Empire State, or New York State, is famous for its elegant restaurants, flashy Broadway performances, and several buildings and structures that resemble nothing else in this world.  It’s also a paradise for birders because there are about 494 bird species that you can watch and study if you’re spending time in New York.  61% … Read more