Hawks In Wisconsin: 8 Species You’ll Need To See

Hawks In Wisconsin

Wisconsin cheese might be what brought you and other tourists to the state in the first place, but the state’s natural scenes and wildlife will no doubt keep you there. Many unique birds are Wisconsin residents, including eight species of hawks. The midwestern state’s humid weather, along with its coastline on Lake Michigan and Lake … Read more

Hawks In Utah: 10 Beehive State Birds Of Prey To Behold

Hawks In Utah

If you find yourself in the United States’ Mountain West region and are looking to take in the beauty of nature — and maybe enjoy an adventure or two — then a trip to Utah might be just what the doctor ordered. The Beehive State is home to the Valley of the Gods, Cedar Mesa, … Read more

Hawks In Vermont: 7 Species That Can’t Be Missed

Hawks In Vermont

Thanks to its beautiful landscapes and dazzling waterfalls, Vermont has become a top tourist destination. The 45th state is home to many attractions including Lake Champlain, Shelburne Museum, Hildene, and the wonderful Church Street Marketplace. Whether you’re there for a quick trip or extended visit, be sure to make time to explore the state’s wildlife. … Read more

Hawks In Oklahoma: 9 Species To See In The Sooner State

Hawks In Oklahoma

Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping through the plains and nearly 500 bird species, ranging from crows and sparrows to Mexican Violetear, come soaring through the sky. With its wildlife refuge areas, parks, lakes, birding trails, and Black Mesa Preserve, this state is the perfect spot to revel in nature and the creatures that inhabit … Read more

Hawks In Pennsylvania: Search For All 9 Species

Hawks in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania birdwatchers, rejoice! The state’s varied geography makes this little piece of America a wonderful bird-watching stop. The Appalachian Plateau sweets across the center, covering more than half the state, to the east runs the Delaware River, and to the north lies Lake Erie. Just keep your eyes on the sky, and you can easily … Read more

Hawks In South Dakota: Identify All 9 Species

Hawks In South Dakota

Sunny days are for exploring the formerly-nicknamed Sunshine State, and luckily for our more adventurous readers, South Dakota has no shortage of outdoor sights to see. There’s the Black Hills National Forest, the Crazy Horse Memorial, Wind Cave National Park, and of course — the sight that really puts South Dakota on the map and … Read more

Hawks In Virginia: 7 Must-See Species

Hawks In Virginia

Mass tobacco production isn’t the only thing Virginia is known for. Visitors to the state also love its unique collection of raptors, soaring across its sky all year long. Thanks to the 62 percent of the state that’s covered in forest lands, a lot of birds of prey have found their way to the state, … Read more

Hawks In New Jersey: 8 Must-See Species

Hawks In New Jersey

As it turns out, the state with the highest population density in the United States, New Jersey, houses more than just people. It’s also home to all kinds of raptors, including eagles, owls, and hawks. According to New Jersey Audobon Cape May Bird Observatory, there are at least 150 raptors spotted in the state every … Read more

Hawks In North Carolina: Catch A Glimpse Of All 9 Species

Hawks In North Carolina

Whether you’re there for sight-seeing, a job opportunity, or call the Tar Heel State home, you’ll find there’s something in North Carolina that appeals to you. Its breathtaking weather, for example, makes it a top destination for those looking to visit Biltmore, camp in the Pisgah National Forest, or watch the sunset at Cape Hatteras … Read more