Do Hawks Eat Blackbirds? (+ Other FAQs)

do hawks eat blackbirds

Hawks are carnivorous birds of prey, who eat a variety of small animals and mammals that are easy to snatch. In fact, they even eat other birds. Therefore, you may wonder: if hawks keep their feathered friends as a menu option, does this include blackbirds? Technically, hawks will eat any animal they can catch (or … Read more

Do Hawks Eat Parrots? (Varieties + More)

do hawks eat parrots

If you keep a pet parrot in your home and live in a hawk-infested area, you may be a little concerned for your feathered friend. Reasonably, you may wonder: do hawks eat parrots? Well, if you’re an experienced birder, you know that hawks are fierce predators and will eat small animals that are easy to … Read more

26 Birds in Maine – An Informative and Fun Local Wildlife Guide!

Birds in Maine

The pine tree state has another less familiar nickname that captures its essence: Vacationland. Over 21,590 acres, you’ll enjoy a handful of activities in Maine, ranging from bird watching to mountaineering while visiting farmers’ markets and enjoying sea-to-table food in between. Maine is popular among birders because of the variety of stunning birds it has, … Read more