Owls In Missouri: 8 Species Showcased In The Show-Me State

Owls In Missouri

There are many interesting things about Missouri, starting with its name which means “town of the large canoes” or “the wooden canoe people.” Also on the state’s fact sheet is that it’s the home of Mark Twain and the first place to serve iced tea.  But the trivia we’re most interested in pertains to the state’s wildlife. In … Read more

Owls In Massachusetts: 12 Must-See Species

Owls In Masschusetts

As of September 2020, there are 505 species of birds included in the official list of Bay State wildlife. What does that mean for an avid birdwatcher, you ask? Well, it’s simple: it means he’s in heaven!  Of the over 500 types of feathered friends to be made in Massachusetts, 12 of them are owls, and while … Read more

Owls In Maryland: Can You Find All 8 Species?

Owls In Maryland

If you’re a fan of the musical Hairspray and delicious crab cakes, you probably know a thing or two about Maryland! Almost 41 percent of the mid-Atlantic state is covered in forests, and there are 18 national parks for visitors to explore all year long.  Forests and parks give way for the 450 bird species that live permanently or temporarily in Maryland … Read more

Owls In Maine: 11 Species To See In The Pine Tree State

Owls In Maine

Are you looking for a reason to visit the Pine Tree State? Apart from the famous lobster and delightful lighthouses, the state of Maine has about 464 documented bird species living in its forest and grassland regions.  Of these species, 292 of them occur statewide while others are rare or accidental. Scientists have recorded 11 owl species in … Read more

Owls In Louisiana: Catch All 8 Species In The Bayou State

Owls In Louisiana

Louisiana is home to a wide variety of bird species. In fact, over 470 recorded species of birds reside inside the state’s borders, making it one of the biggest hosts of dazzling birds in the United States! In this article, we’ll discuss eight beautiful owl species you’ll find in the Pelican State. Read on, bird lover, to … Read more

Owls In Kentucky: 8 Bluegrass State Birds To Behold

Owls In Kentucky

Kentucky is best known for being the horse capital of the world — after all, it’s home to the Kentucky Derby, the most famous equestrian race in not only the United States but the world! Still, that’s not all this southeastern state is famous for. The Bluegrass State is also famous for its abundance of wildlife, and thanks to its … Read more

Owls In Kansas: 8 Sunflower State Species To Look For

Owls In Kansas

It’s no wonder eight species of owls find Kansas a suitable habitat for both breeding and everyday life — the state is home to the breathtaking Cheyenne bottoms, Gypsum Hills, and Quivira, and it accommodates several mixed-grass prairies, wetlands, hayfields, scrublands, and pastures.  Kansas is also flooding with a wide range of food and prey … Read more

Owls In Indiana: 8 Hoosier State Species To Spot

Owls In Indiana

People love to visit Indiana because of its diversity of attractions. You can visit historical landmarks, museums, state parks, and national parks! And when it comes to birdwatching (which we’re assuming you’re interested in because you’re on this website), heading out to the woodland at dusk or dawn will almost certainly guarantee you see one … Read more

Owls In Iowa: 9 Species You Must See In This State

Owls In Iowa

Iowa is home to an impressive array of bird species, including owls! The state is home to nine different species of them, from the common and widespread great horned owl to the more rarely seen burrowing owl.  While some of these majestic birds only make the state a quick stop on their migratory treks, other … Read more

Owls In Illinois: Search For All 11 Species

Owls In Illinois

Illinois is one of the best places to go to observe owls in the United States, especially in the winter, when a wide variety of birds head there to breed and look for food.  Some of them are classically nocturnal, like the eastern screech-owl and the barn owl, while others only love to get out … Read more

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