do hawks eat at night

Do Hawks Eat At Night? [Hawk Hunting Habits]

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Do hawks eat at night? Well, the answer depends on a few factors.

Famous for their hunting prowess, hawks are definitely feared within the animal kingdom. A special combination of sharp talons and exceptional sight make hawks great predators. However, everything has its limitations. And despite the fact that hawks have sharper eyesight than most animals (humans included), they’re unable to see at night.

Therefore, hunts don’t typically hunt at night. Let’s talk about a few more hawk-hunting habits.

What Time of Day Do Hawks Usually Hunt for Food?

Hawks are known to be diurnal hunters, which means they hunt during the day. This is because they have excellent eyesight, and they can see their prey better in the daytime.

However, there are some species of hawk that are nocturnal, which means they do hunt at night. These hawks usually have very good hearing, and they use this to help them find their prey in the dark.

Do Hawks Search for Food At Night?

Typically, hawks do not search for food at night, but they definitely hunt up until dusk, which is the time period right before it gets dark.

During the day, hawks will fly high in the sky and look for prey below. At night, however, hawks will often perch on a branch or in a tree and listen for their prey.

They will also use their sense of smell to help them find food in the dark. There are several types of hawks that search for food at night, including, but not limited to:

How Many Times a Day Do Hawks Eat?

Hawks will typically eat two or three times a day. They will usually hunt once in the morning and once in the afternoon. If they are able to catch more prey, they may also eat a third time in the evening. However, if they don’t catch anything to eat, they will not go hungry. Hawks can go without food for several days without any problems.

Ordinarily, hawks will eat less throughout the colder time of year since there are fewer long stretches of sunlight and they will have less time to hunt for food. This means that they will typically eat less during the winter.

During Summer, a hawk will typically eat more because there are more hours of daylight and they will have more time to hunt for food.

As you can see, a hawk’s diet can vary depending on the time of year. 

Do Hawks Have To Eat Every Day?

Hawks do not have to eat every day, but they will typically eat every day if they can. This is because they have a high metabolism and they burn a lot of energy when they fly.

If a hawk does not eat for a few days, it will start to lose weight. However, if a hawk does not have access to food, it can survive for up to two weeks without eating. After that, the hawk will start to starve and will eventually die.


In conclusion, hawks in do not have to eat every day, but they regularly do if they can.

The reason is that the hawks have an impressive metabolism that can sustain them for longer periods if needed. If they have no source of food, they can live for up to two weeks without eating.

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