Feeding Birds From Your Balcony

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Feeding Birds from Your Balcony

by Jennifer


American Goldfinches High Dining<br>From A Cup & Saucer

American Goldfinches High Dining
From A Cup & Saucer

I live on the 2nd floor of an apartment building and would like to start feeding birds from my balcony.

I live in North Dakota, and not close to many trees.

Does anybody have any pointers for me?

I’ve never fed any birds before and don’t know where to start.



Hi Jennifer

Thank you for asking and hope you will find lots of help here. You can feed many other birds from a balcony too.

Start with black-oil sunflower seed in a tube feeder. This will attract Chickadees and Finches.

You can read other tips for feeding birds on the website which will work equally as well from a balcony.

Happy birding!I live in town on the sixth floor

by Carrie

(Canada ontario)

Mourning Dove & House Sparrow

Mourning Dove & House Sparrow

I live in town on sixth floor and was wondering if we put out feeders for them if they would come up here. Thanks Carrie

Hi Carrie

I am happy to answer you with YES they will!

It will take patience and a little know how about what will attract them, but you will be able to feed birds from your balcony.

You will also want to learn who will be attracted by what style of feeders and by what type of food.

Attracting a hoard of Pigeons, although interesting and beautiful birds in their own right, will not be appreciated in a space the size of a balcony.

Your neighbours will complain, for good reason, and you will not be happy either.

Birds like Pigeons, Blackbirds, and Starlings are social birds, and therefore like to hang out in groups. The more birds, and larger birds that are attracted will result in a great deal of mess, large amounts of bird food disappearing, and fewer songbirds you want to see.

But, choosing to attract Hummingbirds with nectar feeders or Goldfinches with nyjer seed in a specially designed feeder, will bring great rewards.

And not to mention oodles of enjoyment!

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