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There are many very well made nectar feeders available. When it is time to get a new one the choice can be difficult, but you will discover the best Hummingbird feeders available here and why they are the best.

7 Top Features Of The Best Hummingbird Feeders

 1. No dripping or leaking.

 2. Easy to wash.

 3. Easy to fill.

 4. Easy to hang.

 5. Large enough to hold enough sugar syrup for at least one day of feeding.

 6. Not too expensive.

 7. Allows Hummingbirds to sit or drink on the fly.

hummingbird feeders

I have categorized the best Hummingbird feeders below according to style and features.

Inverted Glass Nectar Feeders

This selection of feeders are easy to clean with a couple of different sizes of cleaning brushes.

All the nectar bottles are made of glass.

They are large enough to hold enough nectar for a day or two of busy diners, unless you have a hoard, then you may need more than one feeder.

          20 oz

14 oz

           32 oz     

16 oz

Saucer Style Nectar Feeders

Saucer style nectar feeders are difficult for bees to feed from so they are a good choice if you have had a problem with bees being attracted to your feeders.

This style offers the best visibility as the feeding ports are all visible.

They are also extremely easy to clean and manage.

12 oz

12 oz

12 oz         

12.8 oz

Mini Syrup Feeders

These four choices are very cute and attractive which is a bonus for human bird watchers.

It is easy to keep your feeders clean and nectar always fresh with these little feeders as they only hold a small amount of syrup and will need to be attended to more often.

Handheld Hummer Feeders

The very best Hummingbird feeders for an exhilarating, intimate experience are handheld feeders!

The little birds are literally right before your eyes!

You can look them right in the eye!

As all hand bird feeding requires, patience is the mandatory tool.

But if you have been sitting outside with your feeders close enough that the hummers have been investigating you by flying close by or hovering in front of you, then hand feeding should be fast and easy.

Window Hummingbird Feeders

The second best Hummingbird feeders for close-up viewing are window feeders!

It is a joy to see these little jewels so close!

Mini blinds help to hide you from the Hummingbirds while they visit a window feeder. Just adjust the slats so you can see them clearly, but hides you, from them.

A couple of the feeders from the handheld list also have suction cups for attaching to windows too, so there are more choices for you to consider.

Unique Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbird Swings

Why Hummingbird Swings?

Hummingbirds not unlike many other types of birds spend a good deal of their day perching.

They need to do this to look for friends and foe.

Most birds will fly into a feeding area and land on a perch first before approaching the bird feeder to make sure all is well first.

Hummingbirds do this as well and a charming little swing is a great way for us to enjoy these lovely little birds even more!

Unique Hummingbird Gifts

Important Hummingbird Feeder Accessories

Nectar Feeder Brushes ~ My Top Picks

Good for "poop" build-up.

A great set small enough to get into narrow necks on nectar bottles.

   Hummingbird feeder accessories here.    

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