Best Hummingbird Feeders For Backyard Bird Watching

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There are many very well made nectar feeders available. When it is time to get a new one the choice can be difficult, but you will discover the best Hummingbird feeders available here and why they are the best.

7 Top Features Of The Best Hummingbird Feeders

 1. No dripping or leaking.

 2. Easy to wash.

 3. Easy to fill.

 4. Easy to hang.

 5. Large enough to hold enough sugar syrup for at least one day of feeding.

 6. Not too expensive.

 7. Allows Hummingbirds to sit or drink on the fly.

hummingbird feeders

I have categorized the best Hummingbird feeders below according to style and features.

Inverted Glass Nectar Feeders

This selection of feeders are easy to clean with a couple of different sizes of cleaning brushes.

All the nectar bottles are made of glass.

They are large enough to hold enough nectar for a day or two of busy diners, unless you have a hoard, then you may need more than one feeder.

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