How to Feed Hummingbirds With A 15 Tip Checklist

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Who doesn’t love hummingbirds?

They are amazing little creatures, aren’t they? Their little wings flapping faster than the eyes can see.

Maybe you don’t get an opportunity to see all that many hummingbirds.

One way to see more hummingbirds is by feeding them. Here we will give you 15 tips on how to feed hummingbirds. This will help ensure that you are feeding them properly but also help you attract them to your viewing area.

 A pinterest image of a hummingbird feeding on a flower with text that reads 15 tip checklist how to feed hummingbirds.

1.  Do you know when to hang your Hummingbird feeders in the spring? Will your Hummers return to a nectar feeder desert? Or will you have their dinner ready and waiting? Discover the best time to hang your nectar feeders.

2.  Inspect your Hummingbird feeders carefully. Check last years feeders for cracks, mold in the crevices and broken parts. Do you need to clean them better this year? Learn how here.

3.  Do you need a new feeder? Did your inspection indicate that a replacement feeder is necessary? Order soon to be ready.

4.  Will you supply nesting material for Hummingbirds? Maybe you did not realize that you could assist Mommy Hummingbirds by offering nesting material. You also may not be aware that there are man-made branches that are designed in a shape that they prefer to build their nest on. Learn about nesting material, nest branches and the best place to erect them here.

How to Feed Hummingbirds

5.  How will you mix your feeder nectar? Will your boil the water and add the sugar when it is hot? What strength of sugar to water ratio will you use? Discover what the experts are now recommending for nectar strength.

6.  Will you need to place your feeders in new locations this year to avoid problems you had last year or did everything work well where you had them? Learn the best practices for placing Hummingbird feeders in your outdoor space.

7.  Can syrup feeders share the same feeding station with other types of feeders like seed feeders and suet feeders? Find out here.

8.  How will you deal with unwelcome guests at your feeders this year? What strategies can you implement to keep all creatures involved safe and healthy? Strategies for Hummingbirds only at nectar feeders.

9.  Will you plant or add potted plants to your outdoor space that are helpful to feeding Hummingbirds and attract other pollinators? The best plants and flowers to have in your garden.

10.  Are there so many Hummingbirds in your area that there is constant war at you feeder? What have you tried in the past? Has it worked? Try these tips at How to Stop War at Hummingbird Feeders.

11.  What will you do in the Autumn season with your feeders? Will you take them in early because someone told you the little birds will not leave until you do? Did they tell you leaving them up could cause them to stay too long, then it will be too late for them to migrate? This is a very important issue for Hummingbirds survival. Learn what the best time is to take your nectar feeders down in the Autumn season.

12.  Would you like to join the many people who are feeding Hummers all winter long because you live on the west coast of North America? Yes, the little birds are surviving very well in the freezing temperatures of winter, with snow all around them. They are choosing to stay and not migrate. This can actually be a safer choice as the migration journey is very arduous and many birds do not survive the trip. Learn what many Hummingbird lovers are doing to feed Hummingbirds in the winter.

13.  Is something drinking your syrup mixture from your feeders at night? Do you know what it is? There is a good discussion about this here with some solutions too.

14.  Knowing something about Hummingbird mating rituals can make feeding Hummingbirds even more enjoyable and prepare you for the unexpected. Learn more here.

15.  Would you like to challenge your Hummingbird knowledge? What do you know about their behavior? Do you know how to feed hummingbirds? Take the Quizzes below, they only take a few minutes to complete, are multiple-choice and fun! Only you will know how you did at answering the questions.

Hummingbird Feeders Quiz     About Hummingbirds Quiz

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