Attracting Hummingbirds With This 7 Tip Plan Is Easy

Attracting Hummingbirds
With A 7 Tip Plan

Follow this 7 tip plan to successfully attract Hummingbirds to your backyard, balcony or any outdoor space.

attracting hummingbirds

Attracting Hummingbirds to your yard will take some planning and
patience. However, it will be an endeavour that will be well rewarded
with many thrilling moments.

One little visitor successfully drawn to your feeder will provide all the future advertising that will be needed! Others will be sure to follow.

Once you have been successfully attracting Hummingbirds to your garden the little birds will remain for the entire season and return year after year!

Tying 1 X 6 inch strips of brightly coloured cloth near your feeder or growing flowers with a variety of colour can create the winning ingredient to attracting the little birds to your yard.

7 Tips for Attracting Hummingbirds

  • 1. Choose a brightly coloured feeder. Red is the colour that studies indicate is most popular with Hummingbirds. But this is not to the exclusion of other colours. They are also drawn to orange, yellow and many other bright colours. Red should be considered just a favourite, not an “only”.
  • 2. The sound of water is also a magnet for luring birds to your yard. Hummingbirds like all birds, find water irresistible. Not surprising as almost all living creatures require water for survival and fun!

Take a look at this video. It is obvious that drinking and bathing are not the only things going on here! It looks like just plain FUN too!

If this type of Hummingbird bath looks like something you would like in your outdoor space?

Check this out!

  • 3. Attracting these tiny birds can also be accomplished by tying brightly coloured cloth close to, or on the hummingbird feeder itself. Many materials can be used, such as; ribbon, cloth, crepe paper, or pieces of plastic bags. The key is that it be colourful. Cut the material into strips of about 6 inches long. Then tie it on your feeder where it will not interfere with the birds drinking from the nectar. The strips should not be too long, as lengthy streaming tails may scare them off.
calliope hummingbird is attracted to beebalmFemale Calliope Hummingbird Is Attracted By Beebalm
  • 5. Hanging more than one
    feeder up will also aid in attracting Hummers. Try different styles as
    the Hummers in your area may be more familiar with some styles as so many
    people are feeding birds in North America now.

hummingbirds are attracted by multiple feedersHummingbirds Are Attracted To Multiple Feeders
  • 6. Something else to plan for when attracting hummingbirds to your outdoor space is providing perching spots. These little birds love to survey their domain often for intruders and in fact spend 80% of their time in surveillance sitting. So ensuring they have a place to sit that is open, giving them a good view of the space around their feeders will be a big draw for your Hummer enticing success. See suggestions below.

Install a Perch

It is possible to provide a perch which Hummingbirds will like by simply attaching a branch 2-3 feet long to:

–> the side of a deck

–> an existing bush

–> a fence

–> bird feeder pole

If the branch is exposed and higher than other objects close by, it will be gladly used by Hummers.

  • 7. In the spring when you hang your feeder up before the Hummers have arrived back from their winter vacation, make the nectar a little sweeter than usual. You can mix a strong syrup solution, 1 – 2 cups sugar to 4 cups water. Your feeder will be the favorite of the neighbourhood! Then in a few weeks begin to make the solution weaker. You can even bring the sugar content down to 1/2 cup sugar to 4 cups water during the remainder of the summer and they won’t even notice. Then mix the sugar stronger in the autumn again. More on nectar making here.

As you have learned here flowers are not the only way that will alert Hummers to the fact that you are in the business of serving up meals.

If you are unable to provide flowers close to the spot where you want to hang a hummingbird feeder, don’t give up or be discouraged. These other methods discussed here are equally successful for attracting these beautiful, entertaining little birds.

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  • Hummingbird Food “The Energy Drink” This mixture is a very simple syrup solution, but you need to mix it in proper proportions or risk harming these little birds.
  • Hummingbird Plants Produce flowers which are suited for Hummingbird beaks with elongated, bell shaped flowers and if they are wild flowers and not hybrids produce lots of nectar.
  • Where to Hang Hummingbird Feeders? The when, where & why of Hummingbird feeders in your outdoor space. Facts to ponder when making your decisions about your small bird buffet.

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